This Supermarket Sets Up A Food Bank To Aid Those Who Are In Need In Penang

There’s a lot things we can do to help each other out. Setting up food banks is one of the best way to aid the needy during these trying times. It may seem simple, however it is not easy to organize. Which is why we should also do our part and spread the word.

Give What You Can At Sam’s Groceria Straits Quay

food bank
Photo: @JulesTan (Facebook)

Walking towards this supermarket, you will notice a few tables that have been set up to collect and donate food supplies. Visitors are invited to join the cause and contribute whatever they can so that we can take care of our community together. You can donate anything from groceries to daily necessities and remember that no gesture is too small.

food bank
Photo: @JulesTan (Facebook)

Free Food From Ram’s Deli

food bank
Photo: @JulesTan (Facebook)

Additionally, next to the food bank is a free food counter that was set by Ram’s Deli that is also committing to the cause. Said in their Facebook post, they have already donated 464 meals ever since they started distributing them. “It’s a simple meal but we promise u will not be hungry.”

Spread The Word

Kudos to both Sam’s Groceria and Ram’s Deli for this heartwarming and selfless gesture. Remember that we are in this together! If you are ever short on food or know someone who needs a helping hand,  don’t be shy and drop by. We need to survive this as a community!

Sourced from Penang Foodie’s group member: Jules Tan

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