This Spot On Mainland Penang Is Officially Turning Into Bubble Tea Street Of Penang

Hey, fam! Are you feeling thirsty for some bubble tea? Oh, boy – don’t we have a place to recommend you to visit. Believe it or not, but Icon City Is Officially Turning Into Bubble Tea Street Of Penang. It is time for a road trip to the mainland, and start sipping on all your favourite bubble beverages! You can finally taste all the different fresh milk and brown sugar combination at one go!

How Many Bubble Tea Stores Are There In Icon City?

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If you haven’t heard about bubble tea street, we got the name from SS15, Subang Jaya. At SS15, bubble tea stores have been sprouting in every corner with notable brands such as The Alley, Xing Fu Tang, and Daboba. Let’s not forget about OneZo, who became super famous for their pokeballs. So, what do we have here in Penang’s bubble tea street?

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In total, we have counted correctly, we have seven bubble tea stores in Icon City and its surroundings. Are you ready to count with us? Okay, Instea, The Alley, Panntea, Royaltea, Regiustea, Venzy Tea, and also the newest addition the super competitive bubble tea scene, Xing Fu Tang. We know that the bubble tea wave is not going away anytime soon considering that the queue for Xing Fu Tang was really long.

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If you think that isn’t enough, there are more bubble tea stores opening in Icon City. The other two brands that are coming in this year include Moge Tee and FengCha! Yes, you can wait a little longer before heading to your bubble tea adventure in order to try everything in one single trip. However, you need to be ready to fork out a lot of money and prepare to drink a lot of bubble tea. Hehe. 

Will Other Big Brands Be Coming To Penang Soon?

Photo: @xingfutang_malaysia (Instagram)

We are hoping that other bubble tea stores will be opening in Penang such as Tiger Sugar, Daboba, and Koi! They are so good, and the only way we can taste them right now is driving down all the way to Klang Valley to get a cup. What about you? Have you found your favourite bubble tea store yet? Let us know in the comments ’cause sharing is caring.

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