This Skyscraper Burger In Penang Is Big Eaters’ Dreams Come True

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At every nook and corner of the streets of Penang, you can find a burger stall that looks exactly like this. Burger stall has long become a favourite amongst the locals when it’s supper time! To some people, these burgers might even be the source of warmth and comfort – the closest thing they can get to a proper meal after a long tedious day at work. Can you hear the sizzling sound of the patties pressed against the hot plate? (My eyes are shining already!)

Burger Pulau Tikus

Tucked in the corner of the road, their stall looks ordinary and small, but you’d be surprised by the varieties of finger-licking good burgers they’re offering – ranging from chicken, lamb to fish even! They don’t only offer amazing burgers, but also really crispy nuggets and wedges drizzled with cheese and mayonnaise at only RM6 for each! It is definitely a good spot to drop by for a late night snack! But only for takeaway though as we see there’s no place for you to sit by the side.

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What Do We Like About This Burger Spot?

Over here, they don’t make their burger the usual boring way but instead, they add sausages and also delicious chicken cutlet into the equation which is a nice touch to the overall burger. The boss is super generous and totally didn’t hold back on the ingredients and sauces! Just look at that!

5 patties in 1 burger, we had a hard time finishing it so we advise to share it with at least another 2 friends. If you’re by yourself, just opt for their special chicken burger with one patty only! It wasn’t the best burger as it was a little too dry for us but it is pretty decent for us to enjoy it! Prepare your wallet because if you were to order their 5 patties burger, it’s going to cost you RM28!

📍 Infront Pulau Tikus Police Station, Solok Moulmein, Pulau Tikus, Pulau Pinang.
🕒 Monday-Thursday, Sunday 6pm-12am
Friday ,Saturday & Eve Public Holiday 6pm-1am
📞 016-374 6005

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