This #SamaSamaJaga Deal From Domino’s Will Make Your Jaws Drop

There’s no denying that our hearts sank when fellow Malaysian were starting to raise white flags. We may have gone through tough times ourselves but none of it prepare us for the pandemic. However, thanks to the hardships, we found each other. So, to cherish this loving community, Domino’s created bigger and better deals; #SamaSamaJaga to ensure that more people get to share and enjoy delicious pizzas.


Spreading Love And Care For One Another With Domino’s #SamaSamaJaga Campaign

Getting vaccinated is a big deal. It shows that you truly care about the people around you. So to show support to the movement, Dominos created the MYVAX offer where vaccinated Malaysians can enjoy 2 Regular pizzas for RM19 back in July. And oh how it boomed! We loved it so much that Domino’s had to bring it back with even bigger and better deals. Spreading even more love for everyone that matters with the #SamaSamaJaga campaign.

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Show your friends and family some love by getting the #SamaSamaJaga pizza deals with Domino’s pizzas (offering discounts up to 70%). You heard that right! Domino’s will not only be offering 2 Regular Pizzas for RM19 but also 2 Large Pizzas for RM39 and 2 Xtra Large Pizzas for RM49. Happening for a limited time, here are 3 ways you can redeem this awesome deal at your nearest Domino’s outlet:

  • Order for takeaway via walk-in
  • Dial Domino’s customer hotline 1-300-888-333 and order for takeaway
  • Order through Domino’s website or mobile App. Then choose to collect via Pandu Ambil or Potong Q to save time and is super convenient!

Additionally, the #SamaSamaJaga campaign provides an opportunity for us to share our fortune with the community. Let’s take care of each other and start paying it forward. You can give it to practically anyone; security guards, charity homes, or even our local Police Station.

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Simple Steps To Redeem The #SamaSamaJaga Deal At Domino’s Website/App:

1. Register or log in to

2. Select Take Away and your choice of store.

3. Go to promos and coupons tab and key in the following codes:

  • For 2 Regular pizzas at RM19 (4 pax). Key in Code: MEGA19R
  • For 2 Large pizzas at RM39 (6-7 pax). Key in Code: MEGA19L
  • For 2 Xtra Large pizzas at RM49 (9-10 pax). Key in Code: MEGA19XL
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4. Choose two of your most-loved pizzas from the Favorites. For example, we will be ordering BBQ Chicken and Seafood Delight.

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5. As you can see, for the two regular pizzas, we only have to pay RM19 and actually saved RM44.80!

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6. Right before you head off to your selected store, you can choose to collect via Pandu Ambil or online self-collect orders. With the Pandu Ambil service, you can get a safe contactless delivery from the lovely Abang and Kakak Domino’s straight to your car. Without having to go through the hassle of finding a place to park. Or getting out of the car to collect your order.

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7. Head on back home and indulge in your favourite pizzas with your loved ones.

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Now that you found out about these amazing deals, remember to treat your loved ones with it. Celebrating the spirit of togetherness by giving your best to the community with the #SamaSamaJaga campaign.


Share Domino’s And Let It Be Your Act Of Kindness Today

You don’t need a special date to make anyone feel special. Every day is worth celebrating and nothing says celebration more than a good slice of pizza from Domino’s. Grab one of these affordable #SamaSamaJaga deals today and spread the joy to the people around you!

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