This Restaurant In Tanjung Tokong Serves Authentic XiaoLongBao And Other Chinese Delights

They're Large and Yummy😲

It seems that it’s pretty hard to name a place with authentic XiaoLongBao and other Chinese food selling at a low rate. Well, today you’re in luck as we’re about to tell you a place that serves authentic dishes at a super affordable price and they taste amazing!

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The Cheapest Place To Enjoy Authentic China Dishes

Run by a lovely couple, they travel all the way from China and opened this restaurant. In here, you’ll find that all of the dishes are authentic and freshly made every day.

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The labeled price on each dish is very cheap and not to mention how worthy it is. Despite that, they do not hold back even when they’re selling at such a price. The sizes are very generous, noodles or not they’re more than enough. There are a few must-try in their menu and we’re here to tell you!

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First of all, it’s none other than XiaoLongBao that is super juicy and the broth is simply tasty and warming. The meats are packed and they’re served in big size.

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Up next, we have the Zha Jiang Noodles with the recipe all the way from China. The noodles are indeed smooth and chewy, topped with the soybean paste, the deliciousness has never failed to satisfy noodles lover. It’s best to add some dried chili paste that’ll be on every table in a small container.

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Then, we have the all-time favorite Scallion Pancake. The flavor is pretty much foreign and is something that’ll bring your tastebud for a tour in China. It’s very crispy, edgy and fluffy on the inside not to mention flaky. The tang from the garlic will satisfy your palate in no time!

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Last but not least, pan-fried dumplings. The pan-fried dumplings are big in sizes, as usual, you can already stare at the fillings from the outside. Gives you an idea of how thin and visible the skin of the dumplings are.

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Although all of their dishes are amazing, these four remain our favorite of all-time.


This place is truly amazing and we really think that every one of you should stop by at least once. The couples are super lovely and all they care about is your enjoyment! Leave a comment down below and tell us when you’re going!

Shop Name: 味坊包子

Address; 80-H, Jalan Mount Erskine, Taman Teguh, 10470 Tanjung Tokong, Pulau Pinang

Hours: 9am – 3pm ; 5pm – 9pm (closed on Monday)

Tel: 017-435 0832

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