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This Place Has The Most Stunning Sunset Skyline View in Penang

Promise us you'll visit this amazing place

We’ve passed decades developing technologies, there are now cameras beyond imaginations but there’s one thing we’ve not been putting a good use into, our eyes. We’ve seen plenty of beautiful scenery over the internet, TV and anywhere else except for ourselves. so Penangites and Foodies out there, today, we’re going to give you something that will be carved into your memory for eternity.

Catch The Stunning Sunset At BoraBora Batu Ferringhi In Penang

You might not have heard of this place but many scenery addicts have left their marks at this very territory. The best place in Penang for a sunset view, which we have recently discovered, is at the sandy beach right in front of BoraBora. BoraBora is a Beach Bar Restaurant located at Batu Ferringhi that has tons of amazing activities and mouth-watering foods. This place gives you a moment to just relax and immerse in the beauty of mother nature.


Photo: mintzerang

The Sunset You’ve Been Closing an Eye to

This amazing beach right in front of BoraBora at Batu Ferringhi has magnificent views and more than enough space for everyone to take pictures and hang out. The sun sets around 7:25 PM in May this year, but for everyone checking out the place at any other seasons, you can check out the calculated time for every day’s sunset at

Here’s a breathtaking picture of the sky when the sun decides to take a nap:


Photo: r.costanza.c.a

A Sunset might not last too long but, trust us, it’s like an eternity staring at it, taking away your spirit, making you and nature one, until the moon rises and you’re back to the reality again.

Photo: meldimoo

A Change of Mind at First Glance

We’re telling you that sunset is the one thing you would want to look at, once in a lifetime. It may sound boring, but your mind is going to change itself the moment you’re there, as your retina receives the view from the dear cornea and gives your brain moments to be stunned.

Photo: hannahedithrose

You will find yourself loving the views. There is a myth that says you might find your true love, staring at the exact same Sunset with you.

Photo: hock0712

It makes a good couple activity to be here at BoraBora because sunsets slow down their pace, allowing them to appreciate life whilst putting away their mobile phones.

Address: Lot 415, Jalan Batu Ferringhi, 11100 Batu Ferringhi, Pulau Pinang

While the Sun takes a nap, we watch

Foodies and Penangites, it seems that we’ve reached an end of this article. We really hope you’ll take some time to visit this amazing place for the breathtaking Sunset view. Bring your loved ones with you or anyone else you have in mind. Leave a comment if you visited this place after reading our article, we love you, Foodies.

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