This Penangite Took #100ScenesInPenang & It Is Breathtaking

Aims to shine the unique beauty of Penang. 

Hello, fam! If you are looking for food, you’re in the wrong post. Yup, you can’t find anything char koay teow right here. This post is about showing some love to a fellow Penangite, Yang Zhen Siang, and our favourite place of all-time, Penang! Honestly, Yang took photographs of Penang, and it is like we have never seen Penang like this before. This Penangite Took #100ScenesInPenang & It Is Breathtaking.


Photo: @yzhensiang (Instagram)

Titled as #100ScenesInPenang, Yang frequently updates his Instagram, @yzhensiang with mesmerizing photographs of Penang. If you are wondering, Yang taught himself how to take photographs! He wants to capture moments around Penang in order for the future generation to appreciate Georgetown. And, he did it so beautifully!

Here are some of our favourites!

1. Men working at Campbell Street Market.

Photo: @yzhensiang (Instagram)

2. Penang Bridge is supporting the sun.

Photo: @yzhensiang (Instagram)

3. Chinese New Year Celebration.

Photo: @yzhensiang (Instagram)

4. Goddess of Mercy is watching over all of us.

Photo: @yzhensiang (Instagram)

5. Find that empty floor in this dense building.

Photo: @yzhensiang (Instagram)

6. An elderly man on a bus.

Photo: @yzhensiang (Instagram)

7. This gives us Mulan vibes. #Reflection

Photo: @yzhensiang (Instagram)

8. There’s even a shot from a helicopter!

Photo: @yzhensiang (Instagram)

9. Honestly, Yellow by Coldplay is playing in our heads.

Photo: @yzhensiang (Instagram)

10. Bird man!

Photo: @yzhensiang (Instagram)

There are more!

These are only ten photographs from his entire project. Check them all of out, if you have the time. You can find it on his Instagram, @yzhensiang. Read his captions as well, it makes the entire experience a little unique. Yup, it is rare to say that going through someone’s Instagram is an experience, but it is. You will see Penang differently, and learn to appreciate it a little more! Thank you for capturing Penang beautifully,  Zhen Siang.

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