This Penang Dessert Cafe Sells Unusually Sumptuous Fresh Fruits Cakes

They only use imported fruits!

Hey foodies, we hope you’re having a great day because we’re going to complete your day with this new awesome information. Bukit Mertajam is one of the places in Penang with a variety of good food. However, there is one dessert shop passers-by tend to miss because of its name. Today we’re going to release the butterflies in your stomach.

Photo: Foodie 大马吃货

Fruit & Juice Bar Has Hidden Goodies Behind Its Ordinary Name!

This fruit stall-turned-dessert shop is called “Fruit & Juice Bar”. As the name suggested, it used to be an ordinary fruit stall selling imported fruits but the owner decided to venture it into something new. That’s when the place is refurbished and evolved into a dessert shop.

Photo: Foodie 大马吃货

You might be wondering this dessert shop’s specialty and its difference. You’ll realize it soon after reading what we have to tell you. They use only freshly imported fruits to make their all-fruits-beverages and desserts. Despite that, the price is still reasonable and quality is at its finest. Although fruit teas and fruitcakes are what they’re popular for, customers would still go for their fruit juices, fruit smoothies & milkshakes.

Photo: Foodie 大马吃货

If you’re always searching for decent fruitcakes, then this place is definitely your cup of tea, heh. Mango fruitcake is a must try for mangoes addicts seeking for a healthy sweet tooth indulgence because this one does not have excessive sweetness.

Photo: Foodie 大马吃货

That’s not all, they make sure everything is made daily and fresh. Preservatives are a big NO for them to ensure the wholesomeness of their fresh fruit desserts. This Dragon Fruit Cheese Cake right here has an amazing presentation. It tastes as good as it looks and this is exactly the time when you judge the book by its cover.

Photo: Foodie 大马吃货

Their royally luxurious strawberry cheese tart is one of the best we’ve ever tasted out there. Multiple strawberries sliced and placed packed on top of the cheese tart making you wonder if they can even earn a penny from you.

Photo: Foodie 大马吃货

The multi-layered orange cake is pure satisfaction! The texture explains how carefully they make the cake layer by layer and with a finishing of a thin slice of orange and some syrup.

Photo: Foodie 大马吃货

Blueberry Cheese Cake may look very simple but you’d be amazed by how tasty and soft it is! We honestly think everything they make is worth a try because there’s nothing to lose for good desserts.

Photo: Foodie 大马吃货

We’ve tried out a few drinks and finally decided our favorite and preferred drink goes to fruit tea “水果宾治”. A cup of a glossary tea followed by multiple cuts of different fruits stuffed in resulting in a mixture of sweet and sourish tastes suitable for a hot day.

Photo: Foodie 大马吃货

We do recommend their strawberry milkshake next to our favorite. The natural light pink color produced by a blend of milk and strawberries is enough to satisfy you even without opening the bottle cap.

Photo: Foodie 大马吃货

Look at the colour! Simply amazing.

Photo: Foodie 大马吃货

Two is better than one.

Photo: Foodie 大马吃货

Last but not least, if you’re not looking for anything heavy, worry not, because they sell freshly sliced fruits too! They truly surprised us with all their desserts and beverages.

Address:63, Jalan Alma Jaya, Taman Budiman,14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang

Operating Hours :Monday-Thursday 3 PM-12 AM, Friday-Saturday 3 PM-1 AM, Sunday 12 PM-10 PM

Contact No.:012-592 9841

Fruit & Juice Bar Unleashed its Potential to Its Fullest

Do not let their name and look deceive you into thinking that they’re an ordinary fruit bar. They constantly change their cake menu, so you’ll have to be in luck to try what you’re looking for!

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