This New Cafe In Penang Serves Bubble Milk Tea Steamboat And Chinese Delicacies

Hold your breath and don’t you blink because we’re here to introduce you to a new cafe in town! If you’re a bubble tea lover, you need to visit this latest opening in Penang. Bringing bubble tea and Chinese cuisine together at one place, it’s none other than LeiLoMei by Manchu.

LeiLoMei by Manchu Is One Of The Must-Go Cafes in Penang!

Tucked in the middle of Pintal Tali Road, Manchu is a popular ancient Manchurian-themed hidden bar in Penang famous that’s no stranger to Penangites. The good news is, they have recently opened their day-time-cafe-session named as LeiLoMei. LeiLoMei by Manchu brings out an entirely different morning ambiance, offering specially designed Chinese dishes and milk teas.

Who would’ve thought a hidden bar at night could turn out to be such an amazing day-time-cafe? Despite being new as a cafe, here at LeiLoMei by Manchu, Chinese dishes are served with astonishing presentations to fit its quirky name and vintage environment.

Here you can try the most hyped bubble milk tea “steamboat” named the Empress’s Milk Tea. Served in a pot filled with pearls, jellies, and more toppings, the icy cold smoke that rises from within adds to the whole experience! It’s the most classy way possible to enjoy your milk tea!

Matcha Fresh Milk @ RM12

The Matcha Fresh Milk is definitely one of the must-try. Fresh milk topped with fresh matcha gives you a soothing yet addictive taste.

LeiLoMei Milk Tea @ RM12

Using only ingredients imported directly from Taiwan, the hand-shaken LeiLoMei Milk Tea that is made from scratch is also one drink you can’t afford to miss!

That’s not all, the food served here is vowed to bring you back the old days. Delicately served in a bamboo steamer, The Princess’s Pork Belly is the highlight among all! Crunchy yet tender and most importantly, not too oily. It’s the perfect side dish to pair with your milk tea. Sitting next to the Princess’s Pork Belly is the LeiLoMei Chicken that is deep-fried till golden and powdered with spicy seasonings.

Princess’s Pork Belly @ RM16

Rabbit’s Dessert @ RM9

These kaya-filling buns that resemble carrots are simply too cute to eat.

Pearl Osmanthus Jelly @ RM9

An honorable mention, the Pearl Osmanthus Jelly is a combination of traditional dessert with a modern boba touch. It definitely gave us the old palace chill!

The Main Dishes at LeiLoMei Are The Answer To The Past

Empress’s Noodle @ RM16

The Empress Noodles is a comforting bowl of Mala noodles that’s numbingly spicy topped with their signature roasted pork belly. Sided with a spoonful of pork lard, each bite offers a burst of flavours.

Century Egg Congee @ RM12

Up next, the Century Egg Congee is the diet-friendly dish if you are not looking for anything heavy. Topped with fried crackers and sliced ginger, one bowl of this is going to keep your tummy warm and happy.

Live Performances at LeiLoMei By Manchu

Guzheng and live band performances are also available from 2pm-4pm daily for enjoyment upon dining in. So, if you are someone who appreciates traditional Chinese instruments and music, you know where to head to!

Address: 38 & 40, Jalan Pintal Tali, George Town, 10100 George Town, Pulau Pinang

Operating Hours: 11 AM – 8 PM (Opens Daily)

Contact No.: 017-454 8119

LeiLoMei By Manchu Is A Must-Go!

LeiLoMei by Manchu is truly the place to relax and enjoy milk tea and Chinese dishes at once during the day time. Bring all your fams and tell us about your thoughts in the comments down below!

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