This Minimalist Cafe In Penang Serves Scrumptious Australian Dishes

Looking for a place to chill while having a good meal? Kraffmen Cafe is definitely the place to be. The minimalist interior is heavily influenced by the Melbournian culture that is also perfect for all your Instagram posts. Moreover, Kraffmen Cafe serves a wide variety of Australian inspired food as well as high-quality coffee and non-coffee drinks.

Besides having a chill afternoon here, Kraffmen Cafe has a space above the cafe that allows you to host special events such as meeting, gathering, seminar, or product launch. The event space is equipped with PA systems and can host up to 40 pax. Additionally, you can rent the space for free. *Terms and conditions apply

All The Mouthwatering Food And Drinks That You Can Savour At Kraffmen Cafe

1) Kraffmen Signature Pork Burger

What makes this pork burger so special, you ask? Well, imagine a thick homemade patty that is packed with flavor and you will be craving for more after your first bite. Besides the homemade patty, you can expect a party in your mouth because this burger has caramelized onion and cayenne sauce too. To complete your meal, Kraffmen Signature Pork Burger is served with fries as well.

2) Kraffmen “Signature” Scramble with Smoked Salmon

A brunch dish that will help you start your lazy day right. The creamy scrambled egg that pairs perfectly with a croissant and smoked salmon will leave you wanting more. Served with sauteed mushrooms and mixed salad this dish will help you have a balanced and healthy meal. Moreover, this hearty meal will keep you satisfied for a good few hours before it’s tea time.

3) Seafood Curry Pasta

A creamy delight with some spicy kick is definitely something that is worth trying. This pasta is served with fresh clams, prawns and squid. The creamy and spicy sauce is a signature as well. So to all the spicy lovers out there, you won’t want to miss out this tasty pasta!

4) French Toast

The perfect dish if you’re craving for something sweet during brunch. Wondering what’s special about this dish? You can expect brioche bread coated with egg and fried to perfection. Served with caramelized banana, vanilla ice cream, and homemade blueberry compote to balance out all the sweetness. Kraffmen’s french toast will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

5) Seafood with Pumpkin Veloute Pasta

Al dente pasta served with sweet and creamy homemade pumpkin puree. Besides that, the pasta is also served with a variety of seafood. This is definitely the perfect comfort food that is hearty and satisfying. You’ll be craving for more after trying this dish for the first time.

6) Kraffmen Shakshouka

Looking for something light for brunch? Kraffmen Cafe has got you covered. Kraffmen Shakshouka will be the perfect light dish that is mouthwatering at the same time. The rich and spiced Mediterranean bacon and tomato stew is topped with baked eggs that pair perfectly with the sourdough bread.

7) Kraffmen Fish & Chips

The seabass fish has been coated with homemade batter then cooked to perfection. Moreover, this golden brown goodness is crispy and bursting with flavor. Don’t forget to pair your fish and chips with the tartar sauce to bring your meal to a whole new level of flavor.

Here Are Some Of The Drinks That Kraffmen Cafe Has To Offer

8) Nutella Peanut Butter

Kraffmen has brought back their signature drink which is also a favorite among the regulars. This drink is made with homemade ice cream and milk. Ice is not added into the process to maintain the creaminess and thickness. The Nutella Peanut Butter milkshake is the best sweet treat for those with a sweet tooth. Try it and you’ll be craving for more.

9) Gula Melaka Boba Ice Latte

To all the boba lovers out there, you can get your boba cravings fixed here at Kraffmen Cafe. This isn’t your ordinary bubble milk drink as the boba is cooked in Gula Melaka instead of brown sugar. Moreover, caffeine is added into this drink as well so if you’re looking to get a little caffeine kick while enjoying some boba then Gula Melaka Boba Ice Latte is the drink for you.

10) Kombucha

There are a lot of health benefits that can be found in a bottle of Kombucha. Moreover, the Kombucha here is homemade. Made with real fruits and other healthy ingredients, half a glass goes a long way. The tanginess of the drink will help with your appetite as well.

Operating hours: 10 am – 10 pm (Closed on Wednesday)

Address: 80, Jalan Zainal Abidin, George Town, 10400 George Town, Pulau Pinang



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