This Malaysian Couple Made Fancy Dishes With Affordable Ingredients Every Day During MCO

Hello, Malaysians! Throughout the Movement Control Order, we are sure that most of us picked up some cooking skills. It is super fun to experiment with new ingredients and cooking methods. Recently, we have stumbled upon a Malaysian couple that has created top-notch dishes throughout the entire period. These dishes are so beautiful, we thought of sharing it with all of you as inspirations!

Check Out These Beautiful Dishes By Albert & WinWin

Photo: (Instagram) | Dual Colour Omuhayashi
Image: (Instagram) | Okonomiyaki Osaka Style
Photo: (Instagram) | Atas Ibumie Mee Goreng with Teh-O Panas Kurang Manis
Image: (Instagram) | Hokkaido Ramen

First of all, let’s introduce the power couple, Albert, and WinWin! With experiences in the food and beverage industry and food photography, Albert and WinWin had joined forces to create intricate dishes during the Movement Control Order. Despite looking fancy, these dishes are made with affordable ingredients. That’s right, these dishes are made with daily household ingredients.

Photo: (Instagram) | Yakibuta Don with Onsen Tamago and Kombu Tsukudani
Image: (Instagram) | Arroz de polvo & Filetes de polvo
Photo: (Instagram) | Poisson Meunière
Image: (Instagram) | Tori Katsu Sando

Embarking On This Gastronomy Adventure

What made them embark on this gastronomy adventure? The couple said, “Curiosity on both life and history as well as the interaction between the use of the ingredient, the cuisine, and the people behind each different continent”. Their creations include Dual Colour Omuhayashi, a dish from Japan, and an elevated version of Chicken Tikka Masala, a by-product of Indian and British, two continents’ cooking techniques combine makes wonder. 

Photo: (Instagram) | Maquereau en escabèche avec Rémoulade
Image: (Instagram) | sauce d’arachide avec la viande de boeuf
Photo: (Instagram) | Ramen Burger
Image: (Instagram) | Nasi Lemak

Being the chef behind these dishes, Albert mentioned that it takes approximately two hours to create these dishes daily. As cooking is his hobby throughout the period, it was fun to take his sweet time. If you would like to try to make some of these dishes, you will be happy to know that these dishes aren’t as complex as it seems. Albert suggested, “[It is important to] plan all the sequence accordingly then all can be accomplished in no time”.

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Photo: (Instagram) | Egg Benedict on Crabstick, Ham and Back Bacon (Instagram) | Tempura No Moriawase Kakiage
Photo: (Instagram) | Khai Yat Sai
Photo: (Instagram) | Oeufs en Cocotte and croque-madame

As the food photographer behind these creations, WinWin played a big role to ensure that all dishes stand out in their very own way. WinWin stated, “Besides the common photography factors [such as] lightings, compositions, one also needs to understand the characteristic of the food”.

What’s The Proudest Dish You Have Made?

It is certainly inspiring to see Malaysians being creative and productive during the Movement Control Order. Also, Albert and WinWin are continuing their adventure on Instagram. You can follow them on! Throughout the Movement Control Order and Conditional Movement Control Order, what’s one dish you have made that you’re most proud of? Let us know in the comments!

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