This Kind Hearted Pak Cik In Kedah Sells RM1 Nasi Kandar To Help The Poor


  • Sheik Faizal Mohd Ismail sells Nasi Kandar for only RM1 to help the poor.
  • He noticed the prices of meat and vegetables increased during the MCO period.
  • His stall is located at Taman Patani Jaya, Kedah.

Without a doubt, 2020 has been an eye-opening year for the world. For the past few months, there were many charity foundations established to help the needy due to the recent pandemic. Unsurprisingly, many Malaysians supported one and another to get through these tough times together. However, there is an uncle who took an additional step to help the needy in Kedah.

Sells Delicious Nasi Kandar To Help The Poor

Photo: Info Sungai Petani (Facebook)
Photo: Info Sungai Petani (Facebook)

Unknown to many, but urban poverty has been a prominent issue. To support, it was reported that 15% of Malaysians are living under the poverty line in 2019. As reported by Sin Chew Daily, an uncle in Kedah is selling Malaysia’s staple food, Nasi Kandar, for RM1 to support the poor. This initiative was started by Sheik Faizal Mohd Ismail when he noticed the prices of meat and vegetables hike up during the MCO period.

Photo: Info Sungai Petani (Facebook)
Photo: Info Sungai Petani (Facebook)

Due to this, he was truly motivated to offer affordable meals to help others, especially people from the lower-income brackets. Customers will find a variety of dishes priced at RM1. The portioning of the food may slightly differ from the original portion, but he ensures that he doesn’t shortchange any of his customers. Despite not earning a lot, Mr. Ismail feels that helping others is far more rewarding.

Support This Kind Hearted Pak Cik

Photo: Info Sungai Petani (Facebook)

You will be happy to know that you can his wholesome initiative. For those who are wondering, normal priced Nasi Kandar is also available here! So, if you are heading down to Taman Patani Jaya sometime soon, don’t forget to check out this humble Nasi Kandar stall. If you know any other wholesome Malaysian stories, drop us a comment. Remember to do something kind every day!

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