This Burger Stall in Penang Needs No Name To Be Legendary

Yo Bro, have you tried this out yet?

Burgers, such a wonderful invention from the 19th century. We’ve been eating so many of them but surely there’ll be some we’re going to miss out, especially the nice ones. We’ve encountered so many burger stalls throughout Penang and we are always hard on the decisions. Well, fear not “Penang Foodies”, today you are going to discover the new love of your lives.

The Legendary Nameless Burger Stall in Penang

The Burger Guy Who’s a Bro to Everyone

Photo: Penang Foodie

We didn’t want to tell you about this secret burger stall in Penang that has no name, but we love you guys so here goes nothing. Well, he doesn’t actually need a name given that everyone calls it the “Bro Burger”. Why is it called “Bro Burger”? We will come to that later.

Run by a young Malay guy, Shah (Nickname Sam) has never been more passionate about his business with all his newly made bros out there. He sells quite a list of food given that he’s working alone, he even sells Western style dishes like Chicken Chop. However, he seemed to have just packed himself with an assistant recently, so worry not about the waiting time!

Here are some baits for you to get vulnerable to your own temptation:

Photo: Penang Foodie

Careful with your urge right there Foodies, this right here is what we call “Perfection”. This burger is called Spicy Chicken Deluxe with Mozzarella Cheese, a name you might be familiar with. It comes with slightly grilled patties, amazingly big piece of crunchy fried chicken, cheese sauce, some chips on top of the cheese and heavenly mozzarella cheese that you’ve always been dreaming. Due to its big portions, customers usually eat it with a fork and knife and sometimes even with a little help of a spoon.

Photo: Penang Foodie

When you first arrive, you’ll be greeted as “Bro” no matter who you are, as long as you’re a male, hence the name! You can ask him anything as he’s more than happy to have little talks with his customers, in fact, you might even get to discover his secret formula! Think of him as the classic and lovely SpongeBob where he’s forever friendly, welcoming, and gives you amazing patties.

Here’s a picture of this lovely guy, do say “Yo Bro” for us!

Photo: Penang Foodie

If you’re ever feeling down, don’t forget you’ll always be a “Bro” to him.

Address: Borneo Kopitiam, George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Operating Hours: 7 PM- 1 AM (Close on Sunday)

Status: Halal

Contact: 012-416 4046 (Shah/Sam)

The Burger Spot You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

Dear Penang Foodies and other Foodies out there, it seems that this is the end of this very article. We do hope that you enjoyed reading it as we’re working really hard to get your attention. Shout out to everyone who supports us. Yay!

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  1. hii, i would love to visit this place if it’s nearby, however i could not find borneo kopitiam in georgetown by google, would you mind tell me the nearby building?

  2. It is near venzy tea, this burger stall is next to a dobi laundry shop with yellow signboard
    If you’re going from komtar, after turning left into Karpal Singh area, you should take the first left at the traffic light and it should be on your right

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