This Aunty Has Been Selling Nyonya Kuih for 25 Years in Island Glades

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Greetings foodies! We found a local gem and thought to share with you guys so we can all support local businesses together. There’s this nyonya kuih stall in Island Glades run by a really sweet aunty and she’s been making and selling her kuihs for the past 25 years! They’re delicious and her warm personality will definitely make your day better.

This Lovely Aunty Has Been Selling Nyonya Kuih for 25 Years in Island Glades:

Photo: Penang Foodie
Photo: Penang Foodie

Some of you may ask, which part of Island Glades exactly? The nyonya kuih stall is nestled in Mutiara Selera Coffee Shop, and you can spot the stall immediately at the entrance. A lovely aunty, who’s the owner of the stall sells a plethora of nyonya kuih. Most are made by herself and some are by her friends.

Photo: Penang Foodie
Photo: Penang Foodie

Find selections of nyonya kuih like Kuih Bingka, Pulut Tai Tai, Soon Kueh, and many more here. While the nyonya kuih may not be the most authentic in taste, what stood out for us is that the kuih resembles home, like the humble neighbourhood and has a local taste to it.  Did we mention that the aunty has the sweetest soul? Her friendly character will warm your heart and you’ll definitely buy a few more pieces of kuih and come back for more.

Photo: Penang Foodie
Photo: Penang Foodie

Selling nyonya kuih for over two decades, her granddaughter now helps out at the store. Visit the duo and show some support, it’s what the local eateries especially small stalls need right now. Don’t forget to tag your friends and let them know about this humble stall. That’s all, have a great day ahead, and buh bye!

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