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There’s Bubble Milk Tea Burnt Cheesecake at Belle And Cream!

What a dream come true!

Guys! There’s Bubble Milk Tea Burnt Cheesecake at Belle and Cream! We are so excited that Belle and Cream jump into the burnt cheesecake bandwagon. Burnt cheesecake has been trending in Kuala Lumpur in the recent months, and finally, there’s an official cafe selling it here in our little island! Tucked in Chapel Street Cafe at Medan Lim Cheng Teik, the small and hidden cafe serves really big flavours!


If you are wondering, you can cross order food and beverages from Belle and Cream, and Chapel Street Cafe. First comes the main course, and then desserts! Or, you can simply do cafe hopping without leaving the building. That’s the ultimate foodie dream!

There’s Bubble Milk Tea Burnt Cheesecake at Belle And Cream!

Belle and Cream Is Super Instagram-Worthy!

Inspired by many places in Shanghai, the founders of Belle and Cream have decided to go small with space. Approximately 40 square feet only! Although the space is tiny, it is able to cater to many people with innovative design. With small round tables attached to the L-shaped sitting area, it leaves customers an ample space to move around.

Belle and Cream is a total opposite from Chapel Street Cafe. You will notice it from your first glance! Unlike Chapel Street Cafe, Belle and Cream has very white walls with checkered marble flooring that oozes out luxurious vibes. To top it all off, it is lightly decorated with gold and silver accents. It is probably one of the most Instagram-worthy cafes right here in The Pearl Of The Orient!

Belle and Cream’s Burnt Cheesecakes!

It is time for the main event! Belle and Cream’s burnt cheesecakes! All of the burnt cheesecakes have the same body. In other words, they have the same texture. Their version of burnt cheesecakes are very rich with flavours, and very dense at the same time. Hands down their burnt cheesecakes are made with really good ingredients. Exciting news! You can add tapioca balls to any of the burnt cheesecakes you order!


Bubble Milk Tea Cheesecake (RM 22)

This is the cheesecake that we are most excited to try because it comes together with tapioca balls. The must-order bubble milk tea cheesecake is made with real tea, no wonder the flavour is so strong. Mixed together with tapioca balls for a bite, it will be a combination of creamy, and chewy!


Coco Cheesecake (RM 20)

Chocolate lovers, unite! Their Coco Cheesecake is super amazing! It feels like you’re eating a bar of chocolate, minus the effort to chew because it will just simply melt in your mouth. It will be a cake that Bruce Bogtrotter, the boy that ate a whole chocolate cake in Matilda, will approve!


Original Cheesecake (RM 18)

If you are not up for anything fancy like bubble milk tea, and chocolate, original cheesecake is the way to go! Belle and Cream did it right with their original cheesecake! The flavour of the original cheesecake is rather mild, and that keeps you wanting more!

Matcha Cheesecake (RM 20)

If they have chocolate, and bubble milk tea, it will be very strange not to include matcha in the list as well! The most Instagram-worthy cake is made out of real matcha, that’s why it tastes a little bitter. Pair it together with tapioca balls to balance the flavour!

If you are looking for a burnt cheesecake for your birthday, you can get it here too! You will need to order at least three days beforehand for them to get ready! Prices start at RM 200 for one whole cake.

Wash It Down With Belle and Cream’s Milk Tea!

Bubble milk tea fans, rejoice! There is a new place for you to get your bubble milk tea cravings fixed. Belle and Cream’s limited menu has Bubble Bang Milk (RM 10), Dirty Bubble Milk Tea (RM 12), and Bubble Milk Tea Latte (RM 15). We simply love their Bubble Bang Milk, it is a mixture of fresh milk, brown sugar, and tapioca balls. The fresh milk and brown sugar co-exist perfectly!

If you are looking for something familiar, you can try out their Dirty Bubble Milk Tea. It has a mixture of fresh milk, tea, and tapioca balls. The brown-toned drink is tasty but not sweet. Bubble Milk Tea Latte is amazing if you are trying to kill two birds in one stone. You can get your caffeine and bubble milk tea fixed, all at once! A dream team in a fancy cup. By the way, if you are looking for something lighter, sodas are available here too!

Last Words On Belle and Cream

Belle and Cream is one of the best places to get your burnt cheesecake cravings fixed! The pairing with tapioca balls is really out of this world. You need to at least visit it once in your life with your friends. And when you are there, remember to take some photographs for the ‘gram.

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