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There Are Dinosaurs At Jalan Kelawai!

Did you see them?

You will probably be thinking that this is fake news. It is not. There Are Dinosaurs At Jalan Kelawai! No worries, they will not be running around causing accidents at Jalan Kelawai. Be rest assured. They are actually this year’s Christmas decorations for Kelawai 99, an apartment right across the street from Gurney Paragon. Over the years, Kelawai 99 came up with the most amazing decorations that you can ever find in Penang. Some may even say that they have done better than our leading shopping malls in Penang.

There Are Dinosaurs At Jalan Kelawai!

There was one year that they did a Disney theme and Penangites were greeted with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, waving in front of a castle that mimics the one in Disneyland. When Pokemon Go went viral, they had a Pokemon theme with Pikachu, and friends waving in front of a snowy cabin. It begs the question, where did they get the budget to transform an apartment into the most attractive selfie place? If you know, let us know ’cause we’re curious.

This year around, they have dinosaurs! Same as always, Kelawai 99 went over the top for Christmas and decorated their apartment with gigantic dinosaurs. We are no Ross Geller from Friends, so we have no idea about their names, and species. As many as six dinosaurs are accompanied with brilliant looking Christmas trees, and volcanoes in the background. The pillars were transformed into rocky grounds, and decorated with giant snowflakes.

Here Are Some Photographs Of Dinosaurs!

1. High & Mighty Dinosaur

2. Toothless Dinosaur

3. Spiky Dinosaur

4. Probably Not Vegetarian Dinosaur

5.  Sly Looking Dinosaur

6. Tiny Hands Dinosaur

*not actual names of all the dinosaurs

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There Are Dinosaurs At Jalan Kelawai!

As for the building, it is decorated with dangling lights falling from the roof all the way to the ground. It looks magical at night. Makes us feel like we’re in Wonderland! Head over there and strike us a pose if you are in Gurney Paragon or Gurney Plaza! You will love it.


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