The 101-Metre Long Painting Uses Coffee From Starbucks To Showcase 100 Landmarks Around Penang

Admit it, we Penangites love it whenever there’s a piece of news about the achievements and success of other Penangites. Today, we’re so excited to share about the longest coffee painting in Malaysia done by a Penang Artist – Mohd Azmi Bin Mohd Hussin. The 101-Metre Long Painting Uses Coffee From Starbucks To Showcase 100 Landmarks Around Penang. Now, scroll down to find out more!

The Longest Coffee Painting In Malaysia!

No, we’re not kidding. The gigantic painting is 101-metre long and truly remarkable as the entire artwork was painted with coffee made from 100% high-quality arabica whole beans from Starbucks. The most exciting part is the masterpiece was awarded the “longest coffee painting” accolade by the Malaysia Book of Records!

That’s not all, Mohd Azmi said that it took him 25 days to complete the painting which depicts the Penang skyline and a glimpse of Pitt Street all the way to Seberang Perai.

More About The Masterpiece!

After exploring different types of coffee for painting, Azmi Hussin found that only pure ground coffee achieves the desired long-lasting result. Throughout the process, the famous coffee chain – Starbucks has been very supportive to provide the necessary tools to ensure that he can perform to the best of his abilities.

In order to achieve different tones of brown, the whole bean coffees were grounded according to the correct grind setting and then extracted by steeping in hot water for different amounts of time. Overall, the process used more than 20 cups of Starbucks Coffee of varying degrees of shades and colours.

Here’s what we know about the talented Penang Artist!

Popular known as Azmi Hussin, he received another Malaysia Book of Records accolade in March 2017 for “Most Caricature Live Paintings in 24 Hours”. Azmi Hussin is currently occupying a small gallery in Penang Road but he really hopes to have a proper place to display my work in the future. In his six-year career as a cartoonist in Penang, Azmi Hussin has produced three comic books titled ‘Tanjong Life’, ‘Little Mamak’ and ‘Lost in Bagan’.

Last but not least, Azmi Hussin also plans to apply for the Guinness World Records for the longest coffee painting and to exhibit the coffee painting at Starbucks store nationwide in the near future. We’ll just have to keep our finger crossed and hope everything goes well for him!

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