Texas Chicken Rolled Out New Buttery Popcorn Chicken For A Limited Time Only

Movie vibes!


  • Texas Chicken rolled out a new Buttery Popcorn Chicken menu.
  • Not available during breakfast hours (1 PM – 11 AM) at KLIA2.
  • Available for a limited time only or while stock lasts.

How are you doing friends? We all aware that Texas Chicken offers one of the best fried chicken dishes. Almost anyone who has ever tasted their menu knows that they got it down pat. This time, the popular fast-food restaurant came up with another whimsical menu that will take us on a trip to the cinema.

popcorn fried chicken
Photo: @texaschickenmy (Facebook)

Popcorn Infused Fried Chicken

Introducing the new sensation, the Buttery Popcorn Chicken! Indeed we have heard of popcorn chicken, but this never before seen combination definitely hits the norm on a whole new level. Just imagine your favourite tender and juicy Texas Chicken coated in buttery, crunchy popcorns! Pair it with their sweet Chocolate Chip Biscuits and you have yourself the perfect meal.

buttery popcorn chicken
Photo: @TexasChickenMY (Facebook)

Available For Limited Time Only

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. This playful menu will only last for a limited time or while stocks last. So you better get in line quickly before the offer ends. Additionally, this menu is not available during breakfast hours (1 PM – 11 AM) at KLIA2. Share with us your thoughts on this menu in the comment section below ya!

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