Malaysian Shares 10 Tesco-Branded Products That Are Worthy To Add Into Your Shopping List

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Hello foodies! While any sort of movement is restricted during MCO, there will come a time whereby we need to stock up on groceries. And, when we think of grocery shopping, our minds will drift to Tesco, AEON, and more. So, if you frequently stock up on groceries from the former, then this writeup is meant for you. Because this fellow Malaysian has listed out a few Tesco-branded products that we should all add into our shopping list. Whenever you’re ready, start scrolling!

Tesco-Branded Products To Stock Up On While Grocery Shopping

1. Tesco Chocolate Flavoured Milk

Tesco Products To Purchase
Photo: @Faidhi Badri (Facebook)

The very first item on the list is none other than Tesco’s Chocolate Flavoured Milk. According to the packaging, it’s sourced from a trusted New Zealand farm. Also, take a quick guess on the manufacturing company? It’s none other than Farm Fresh Milk, a local milk manufacturer based in Johor, Malaysia.

Price: RM 4-5

2. Tesco Tempura Chicken Nugget

Tesco Products To Purchase
Photo: @Faidhi Badri (Facebook)

Craving for chicken McNuggets? Well, the TescoTempura Chicken is said to taste just exactly like our favourite chicken nuggets from McDonald’s. Also, the Tempura Chicken Nugget has a seasoned tempura flour as batter thus making them crispy on the outside.

Price: 11.99

3. Tesco Chocolate Spread

Tesco Products To Purchase
Photo: @Faidhi Badri (Facebook)

Next, this Chocolate Spread that has deep, chocolatey flavour is similar to everyone’s favourite hazelnut spread; Nutella. Except of course, the difference in price between the two. So, the next time you’re looking for a Nutella alternative, try out this smooth and rich chocolate spread.

Price: RM 10.29

4. Tesco Garlic Crackers

Tesco Products To Purchase
Photo: @Faidhi Badri (Facebook)

Looking for the perfect evening snack that you can easily pop into your mouth with no hassle? Then, try out this Garlic Crackers. They’re crispy and savoury, and is lightly baked with aromatic garlic. To take it up a notch, top the cracker with a cheese slice and you’re good to go! Maybe, pair it with a cup of tea while you’re at it too.

Price: RM 6.99

5. Tesco Hot & Spicy Potato Chips

Tesco Products To Purchase
Photo: @Faidhi Badri (Facebook)

Once in a while, we all like to indulge in some snacking. And, of course, we’ll think of potato chips. Tesco’s Hot And Spicy Potato Chips is a good snack to be enjoyed while watching Netflix. Perhaps, you’ll also find it so tempting that you’ll end up finishing the entire packet of chips at one go.

Price: RM 1.99

6. Tesco Meat Burgers

Tesco Products To Purchase
Photo: @Faidhi Badri (Facebook)

Attempting to make your very own Burger Ramly at home? Well, Tesco’s Meat Burgers make the perfect patty to complete your own burger ensemble. Do keep in mind that these are buffalo patties so if you feel slightly uncomfortable, you can make a pass on this item.

Price: RM 5.99

7. Tesco Milk Chocolate Digestives

Tesco Products To Purchase
Photo: @Faidhi Badri (Facebook)

Digestive biscuits are everyone’s favourite. Be it as a crumbly cake base, or just some on-the-go snack, digestive biscuits are fit for both occasions. Combining a crumbly and crunchy texture, these milk chocolate digestives from Tesco are generously coated with a layer of milk chocolate making them perfect biscuits alongside aiding digestion.

Price: RM 6.49

8. Tesco Marie Biscuits

Tesco Products To Purchase
Photo: @Faidhi Badri (Facebook)

When it comes to Marie Biscuits, let’s all admit that we love their crunchiness as well as the way they melt in our mouth. Original or even with a twist of chocolate, these biscuits are packed with a classic yet pleasant texture.

Price: RM 2.59(Small Marie Biscuits) | RM 3.25(Chocolate Marie Biscuits)

9. Tesco Instant Hot Chocolate

Tesco Products To Purchase
Photo: @Faidhi Badri (Facebook)

When it comes to a hot beverage, the thought of a cup of hot cocoa with floating cute marshmallows are obligatory. With a smooth and rich chocolate taste, the instant hot chocolate from Tesco makes the perfect hot beverage, especially during a rainy day.

Price: RM 13.99

10. Tesco Milk Chocolate Butter Biscuits

Tesco Products To Purchase
Photo: @Faidhi Badri (Facebook)

Milk Chocolate Butter Biscuits will put an end to this list of worthy products to get while shopping in TESCO. It’s both sweet and snappy at the same time, so if you’re looking for a piece of biscuit that will tick boxes, then go for this item.

Price: RM 5-6

Which Ones Have You Purchased?

Truth be told, aside from the above 10 items, there are actually countless other Tesco branded items that are worthy of purchase according to Faidhi so check them out here! If you’ve tried out any items and think they’re way better than other big brands, let us know in the comments!

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