Tealive Drive-Thru Will Be Available At Juru R&R Station in Penang Soon

Yass Please!

Top of the day to you people, those who always drive pass Juru R&R, here’s a piece of breathtaking news for you all! This right here is a major breakthrough in the bubble milk tea world. Before you go straight home from a long day at work, why not stop by and refill your energy with bubble milk teas?

Tealive Will Have Drive-Thru at Juru R&R Stops Pretty Soon!

Tealive knows how much people love drinking bubble milk tea but sometimes they just don’t feel like leaving the car. The opportunity was taken instantly and Tealive has decided to build a stop where people can just buy them through the drive-thru, heh, a good pun, very good pun.

We’ve previously found out Kenny Rogers Roasters drive-thru, and now Tealive!? This is going to be the best R&R! Although it’s under renovation, we can already feel the happiness flowing through our veins.

Address: Juru DT (R&R South Bound)
Lorong Setia Sentral 2, Pusat Perniagaan Setia Sentral, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

Operating Hours: Unknown (Will Update Once Found Out)

Tealive Drive-Thru Is What We All Need

Our prayers have been answered and this is the only thing we need here! Drive-thru to buy bubble milk tea has always been the dream of M’sian, now most of the Penangites can finally smile after a long day at work! Leave your comments down below and tell us how happy you are!

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