This 20-Year-Old Stall In Tan Jetty, Penang Sells Crispy Prawn Fritters And Loh Bak

Hello there friends! As Penang Lang, we are most proud of our food, right? Especially Penang’s vast street food scene that has mapped us internationally. Since we all share a common love for food, it’s only fair to continue sharing the best of what Penang has to offer. Today, we’ll be taking a trip over to Weld Quay area, specifically in Tan Jetty to explore its crispy Prawn Fritters!

Satiate Your Cravings For Snacks Here At Tan Jetty, Penang

Did you guys know that there’s an old-school stall here that has been selling crispy prawn fritters and Loh Bak for over 2 decades? Before we start, can we get a show of hands from those who have tried out this stall? If you haven’t, maybe you can ask your parents about it.

Tan Jetty Prawn Fritters & Loh Bak
Photo: @ChristineOoi (Facebook)

This stall doesn’t have any specific name but is only named after its location and food, Tan Jetty as well as Prawn Fritters and Loh Bak. Hence, this stall is now aptly named Tan Jetty Prawn Fritters and Loh Bak. Perhaps they are these elements of simplicity and gimmick-less that captured the hearts of many locals.

Tan Jetty Prawn Fritters & Loh Bak
Photo: @Casey Neo (Facebook)

Perfect as a snack pit-stop, you can only find 3 items here. They are the Prawn Fritters, Loh Bak and also Fried Beancurd (Tofu). Of course, when it comes to crunchy snack like these, there is always the complementary chilli sauce that elevates the snack.

Tan Jetty Prawn Fritters & Lok Bak
Photo: @Casey Neo (Facebook)

These golden-brown perfection snacks pair perfectly with the tangy chilli sauce that has lime in it. So, just imagine savouring crunchy snacks with a refreshing dip, it’ll leave you addicted.

Tan Jetty Prawn Fritters & Loh Bak
Photo: @E.C.P.G (Facebook)

Did we mention that the Loh Bak here is all wrapped from scratched? So, aside from a crispy treat, you’ll also get freshly made ones and honestly, there’s nothing better than that. Now, you know where to go if you’re looking for something crunchy to munch on. Enjoy!

Tan Jetty Prawn Fritters & Loh Bak
Photo: @Casey Neo (Facebook)

Address: Tan Jetty Prawn Fritters & Loh Bak, 90-A, Tan Jetty, Weld Quay, 10300, Penang.

Operating Hours: 8 AM to 6 PM (Opens Daily)

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