China’s Mille Crisp Brand, Sugaa, Opens Its First Store In Malaysia At Nagore Square

If you’re Penangites, you would agree that Nagore Square has been one of the most exciting places in Penang Island. This beautiful street hides a buzzing cafe scene that offers a wide variety of delicious food. From your favourite bubble milk tea shop to mouth-watering desserts and steamboats, you will definitely find something that you would love to try out here.

Today, we’re about to share with you one of our latest finds at Nagore Square, Sugaa, a brand from China that serves special and Instagram-worthy Mille Crisp and Milk Tea. And guess what? This is actually their first store in Malaysia! Without further ado, let’s find out more about Sugaa!

Sugaa: A New Spot To Satisfy Your Crisp Cravings

That’s right, Sugaa is the new addition to the Nagore Square, serving really visually appealing oriental-fusion pastries that you can’t help but take a bite. Upon entering, what welcomed us is the wide array of pastries displayed at the counter and wonderfully cozy interior setting. Not forgetting that the cafe has an Instagrammable corner as well. With a super fancy car, you’ll be able to take some pictures for your ‘gram!

What’s so good about Sugaa?

Sugaa – originated from China and this is their first store in Malaysia! They offer a huge variety of pastries but their best seller has got to be the Crisp Mille. The exclusive baking technique creates a complexity of texture with thousand sheets outer layer and melt-in-your-mouth fillings. Not to mention, their pastries are super Instagrammable as you can capture the multitude layers that spell out perfection. Now, scroll down to see what pleased our tummy!

#1 King of Signature Durian (RM 29.90)

Image may contain: food

Prepare yourselves for a journey of taste-buds dancing and non-stop Instagramming. This piece of crispy goodness has an amazing look with the crisp ‘thousand sheets’ effect that your feed will be blessed with its beauty. The pastry itself is an art and it is matched perfectly with four types of fruits including mango, strawberry, dragon fruit and custard comprising durian pulp. Just one bite of this flaky, buttery pastry and you’ll be hooked.

#2 Strawberry Mess (RM 10.90)

One of the signature pastry that you should order is definitely the Strawberry Mess. You can find the entire pastry filled beautifully with slices of fresh strawberry and strawberry custard. The strawberry paired perfectly with the rich complexity of the custard, while pastry adds crispy, buttery shards to the delightful mix. How good you ask? It’s berry strawberry good!

#3 Gooey Chocolate (RM 9.90)

Next, the pastry is baked to form multiple layers of Crisp Mille which sandwiching a generous amount of sweet chocolate within. The chocolate is rich in taste but there is no cloying sweetness, just a straightforward delivery of a delicious treat. Take a bite of the crispy pastry and feel the chocolate melting in your mouth with ease, it’s heaven!

#4 Mango Madness (RM 10.90)

Another wow-factors flavour of the Crisp Mille is the Mango Madness. The mango custard provided a sleek texture to the buttery pastry while the mango flesh cut through the creaminess and offered a refreshing bite. The perfect balance of sweet and sour will leave you wanting more and make your day better! We recommend this the most as the sweetness is on point and the flaky-crisp texture is addictive.

#5 Swan Series 

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That’s not all, Sugaa will dazzle you with an array of Swan Series so pretty you almost can’t bear to eat them! There are three different flavours available including Scarlett Durian (RM 6.90), Scarlett Potato (RM 6.90) and Scarlett Cheesy (RM 6.90). A bite of these pastries and you can taste the love and effort invested in baking these Scarlett. Look at the pictures we’ve included, aren’t they gorgeous?

#6 Little Crisp Series

Even though Sugaa is all about their Mille Crisp, surprisingly enough, they serve quite an amazing variety of little crisp and tarts and all of them taste good as well! Foodies with both sweet and savoury preference for crispy pastries can fulfill their cravings here. Don’t leave without trying their Macha Salted Egg (RM 8.90), Cubo Cheese Tart (RM6.90) and Macau Tart (RM 4.90), you’ll thank us later.

Pair it with some Fruit Teas!

After having a hearty meal, it’s best to wash them all off with their bestseller drink – Strawberry Aulait (RM 10.90). For those who love strawberry with the milky scent to it, this is perfect. The milky flavour is very saturated, it did not cover up the strawberry, but instead balances the sweetness of the strawberry really well, we love it. Besides, a few of our personal favourites is none other than their Cheesy Mango Tango (RM 14.90) and Fancy Passion (RM 11.90). Not too sweet, not too dull. Both are love!

Sugaa 酥哥

That’s the end of our review, we hope you foodies enjoy it. To sum up, the options available here are full-bodied, rich in flavour, and thoroughly enjoyable no matter the time of day. There’s something for everyone, from the savory to the sweet, we’ll definitely come back for more! So if you happen to head to Nagore Square, you should really pay them a visit! Trust me, you won’t regret it.

📍 87, Jalan Nagor, 10450 Jalan Nagor (Nagore Square), Pulau Pinang

⏰ 12 PM – 12 AM

Tel: 0123239007

ℹ️ Facebook | Instagram

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