Strays Dogs in Penang No Longer Be Euthanized (Killed) Thanks to IAPWA Penang

Foodies, today’s content isn’t about food, but something much more important, if you care about furry kids. Did you know that before March 2018, all dogs captured will be euthanized (killed) if unclaimed within 7 days? IAPWA Penang has since partnered up with our local council MBPP to handle captured dogs humanely through the TNR programme.

Photo: IAPWA Penang (Facebook)

What is TNR Programme?

Photo: IAPWA Penang (Facebook)

Also known as “Trap-Neuter-Release/Rehome,” The TNR Programme is an initiative of both IAPWA(NGO) and MBPP to stop the inhumane actions taken towards stray dogs. Under this program, unclaimed dogs captured will be passed over to IAPWA. If these doggos are injured, they’ll help to treat each of them before they get neutered and vaccinated.

Photo: IAPWA Penang (Facebook)
Photo: IAPWA Penang (Facebook)

Puppies are also dewormed, defleaed and vaccinated before they’re ready to be rehomed or adopted. As of 7 October 2020, 2,000 dogs were TNR, with zero killings by Penang Island City Council in almost 31 months, kudos to IAPWA and others who contributed in making this possible!

Photo: IAPWA Penang (Facebook)

IAPWA Penang Needs Your Help:

Photo: IAPWA Penang (Facebook)

To continue such kind act and effort, there is a need of sufficient funds. Did you know, it costs about RM150-RM200 just to neuter a dog? IAPWA is currently in short of manpower and financial resources. It takes about RM30,000 monthly to keep the TNR Programme running on the island. With the pandemic ongoing, it’s difficult for them to reach out to us physically.

We can all lend a helping hand! You can show your support through multiple ways, be it volunteering, donating (financially or physical goods) or simply share this piece of content so that more people will get notified. Let us all show a little kindness, furry kids deserves the same love as us humans.

With that being said, be a responsible owner and don’t abandon your fur kids. Don’t forget to tag all the fur parents out there in the comments, have a great day ahead and buh bye!

If you’re interested to help, reach out to IAPWA Penang for more information.

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