Try Out This Super Easy Way To Make Some Spicy Fries Ala McShaker

Do you guys ever go through your day as usual when you find yourself craving some fries? But not just any ordinary fries, it’ll be better if you can get your hands on some McShaker Fries. Well, ever since McDonald’s came up with this version of fries, the truth is that we will never go back to ordinary fries. So with that said, here’s a super-easy way to make some Spicy McShaker Fries right at home.

Super Easy Way To Make Spicy McShaker Fries

Over the years, there are various flavours of McShaker Fries. There are BBQ, Cheese, and Spicy McShaker Fries. But since this is not a permanent menu at McDonald’s, there’s actually a quicker way to satiate your cravings. Surprisingly, it takes only a few ingredients and can be done within minutes!

Spicy McShaker Fries
Photo: @AkeemSharyzal (Twitter)

You’ll Need

  1. Potato strips
  2. MSG
  3. Salt
  4. Baba Chilli Powder (click here to buy)

Spicy McShaker Fries


  1. Deep fry the potato strips until they turn crispy and golden brown
  2. Then, coat the fries with the dry ingredients until they are mixed well and fully incorporated
  3. Enjoy!
Spicy McShaker Fries
Photo: @AkeemSharyzal (Twitter)

Spicy McShaker Fries: Perfect For Snacking

Voila, there you have it! A super simple, no-fuss recipe to make some delicious McShaker Fries at home. If you happen to have the ingredients at home, go ahead and get snacking! While you’re at it, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy.

This recipe is by @AkeemSharyzal (Twitter) 

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