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Seri Perigi Waterfall Kedah: A Majestic Sight With Hidden Rock Pool

If you consider yourselves a nature lover, then you most probably have checked hiking off your list. While there are plenty of hiking trails in Penang to discover, today, we will be taking a virtual trip over to Kedah. In fact, there’s a hidden rock pool that promises a paddy field view. Talk about breathtaking! Introducing Seri Perigi Waterfall in Kedah!

This Waterfall Lets You Bask In The Magnificent View Of Kedah

Kedah is known as the Rice Bowl of Malaysia because of its vast paddy field land. If you have hiked up to Bukit Kodiang, you’ll know that at a certain time when the paddy is in full bloom, the view will take your breath away.

Seri Perigi Waterfall Kedah
Photo: @adlybilly (Instagram)
Seri Perigi Waterfall Kedah
Photo: @Mamamea Beauty Houz (Facebook)

Similarly, if you decide to hike up the Seri Perigi Waterfall, or Air Terjun Perigi, at the peak of the waterfall, there’s even a shallow rock pool. The best part is that it looks like an infinity pool coupled with a stunning lush green paddy field view.

Seri Perigi Waterfall Kedah
Photo: @badd_the_rules (Instagram)
Seri Perigi Waterfall Kedah
Photo: @amnimaisaraa (Instagram)

Air Terjun Perigi is also considered one of the tallest waterfalls in Kedah that’s 100 meters tall. If you wish to reach the peak, you will need to hike up for about 30 minutes. So, make sure you have dressed appropriately before taking up the challenge.

Seri Perigi Waterfall Kedah
Photo: @_kingforaday (Instagram)

Take A Serene Hike Up Seri Perigi Waterfall, Kedah

Once you reach the peak of the waterfall, you will be greeted by the stunning view of Kedah with its lush green paddy field. If you look further, you can even see an island and a mountain too.  So really, it’s nothing but fresh air and serene ambiance. Who’s up for it?

Seri Perigi Waterfall Kedah
Photo: @nhidayughozali (Instagram)

Address: Kampung Perigi, 06900 Yan, Kedah

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