Renowned Korean Celebrity Chef Created Seoul Garden HotPot’s Latest Series

Hello, friends! As Malaysians, all of us have probably visited Seoul Garden before. The all-you-can-eat buffet spot is the place to celebrate all kinds of occasions, from birthdays, graduations, and many more. We bet that you’re reminiscing the good old times! In recent years, they have opened the Seoul Garden HotPot. The brand serves authentic Korean delights, with a dash of Malaysian flavours!

Seoul Garden HotPot

If you have yet to try our Seoul Garden HotPot before, you will need to try out some modern Korean dishes. The list includes Ginseng Chicken, Bibimbap, Seafood HotPot, Braised Beef HotPot, Spicy Korean Stew, and Korean Hot & Spicy Drumettes! Its famous Ginseng Chicken is the best in town with more than 30,000 pots being sold every single month.

Korean Curry Series

Here’s another really good reason to visit Seoul Garden. They have dropped a brand new hot pot flavour. With the aid of a renowned Korean celebrity chef, the famous Korean brand created a modern series known as Korean Curry Series. The thick broth comprises notes of kimchi and local curry. Surprisingly, the outcome is a mild spicy broth. With that said, regardless of your tolerance, you can still this one-of-a-kind dish!

Korean Curry Series is packed with so many ingredients. It is the ultimate dish if you’re planning to feast alone, or with your friends. You will find different types of vegetables including all-time favourite enoki, cabbage, cucumbers, and others. Pick between seafood, chicken, lamb, and beef as the main! You will be happy to know that it is affordably priced! Price starts at RM 19 (in West Malaysia)!


Personally, we love Korean Curry Chicken HotPot and Korean Curry Seafood HotPot. The chicken meat from Korean Curry Chicken HotPot is absolutely tender and well-flavoured. As for Korean Curry Seafood HotPot, there are so many types of seafood. You will find big prawns, scallops, and even clams! Beef and lamb lovers, you will be delighted to know that the meats are freshly imported from Australia!

That’s right, only premium ingredients are used in the one-of-a-kind HotPot. Trust us that when we say you can’t find the flavour anywhere else on Earth! Additionally, Korean Curry Lamb Hot Plate is also available in the series. If you’re eating with another friend, it is great to order a hot pot and hot plate together! Lamb and rice? Yes, please!

There will be more bang for your bucks when you order two dishes! When you purchase two main dishes in the series, get Deep Fried Salmon Belly for free! The 100-gram salmon belly has a usual price of RM12.90! This promotion is on a while stocks last basis, so if you’re planning to save some bucks, be sure to head down to Seoul Garden HotPot soon!

Modern Korean Food Made By A Celebrity Chef

If you haven’t tried out Korean Curry Series yet, this is something that you will need to experience! Explore Seoul Garden HotPot’s menu to find other dishes to add to your meal. Head to your nearest Seoul Garden HotPot. You can check out all the locations in Malaysia right here. It is time to start tagging your buddies to relive your Seoul Garden days!


Check out all locations and operating hours here. 

Status: Halal

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