Here’s How To Save 15% More on Your GrabFood Order All Day Long (Anytime, Anywhere!)

Hello, hungry foodies! We know you are looking for not just a good meal but also a good deal that can be conveniently delivered to your doorsteps! And what if you are always hungry at odd times? Worry not because we found the tips to get 15% OFF ALL DAY LONG (with a minimum spend of RM20) on GrabFood! It’s even applicable during peak hours! It’s for everyone, anytime and anywhere.


Get 15% OFF All Day At These Must-Try Restaurants On GrabFood

1. KyoChon Korean Fried Chicken

Nothing quite beats the lip-smacking flavours you get from Korean fried chicken and that’s exactly what you’ll get at KyoChon. Whether it’s their classic Soy Garlic or the spicy Red Pepper series, KyoChon Fried Chicken is definitely satisfying. What’s great is they also offer a range of combos and even Dosirak (lunchbox) for you to choose from!

2. Jollibee

Can’t get enough of chickens? Freshly fried chickens are Jollibee’s forte. This Filipino fast food chain restaurant is where you can get crunchy and juicy fried chicken with extra rich flavours. That’s not all on the plate, their signature Jolly Spaghetti  topped with signature sweet-style sauce, and the Aloha Yumburger that comes with beef bacon and a huge slice of pineapple are irresistible for a munch too!


3. Salad Atelier

If you are looking for healthier options, Salad Atelier is available on GrabFood with the 15% OFF deal too! Get your dose of healthy meals with Salad Atelier’s fresh and nutritious salad or poke bowls, with a variety of toppings to add on. They serve delicious burgers and fruit smoothies too if you need more options!


4. Gong Cha

Need a drink to fuel your day? Gotta get a cup of Gong Cha! The signature creamy and slightly salted foam milk topping in the tea they offer will always have a way to our heart. From bubble tea, fruits juices, to coffee and latte, there’s definitely something for everyone to enjoy at Gong Cha.


5. Hadramawt

Here’s a must-try restaurant when you are craving for Arabic cuisine. Hadramawt serves hearty Arabic food including a classic Shawarma wrap, Kebab, and more Arabic lamb or chicken dishes that are best served with rice. Their extensive menu on GrabFood will get your drooling while you’re scrolling through. Don’t forget to get their Kunafa as dessert!


Save 15% More For Happy Orders 

Can’t deny that it always makes us feel good when we get a good meal at a good deal. To enjoy these 15% off deals, you just need to apply the Promo code: ‘HUNGRYDEALS’ during checkout, with a minimum spend of RM20. *Other T&C apply.

The best part is the promo is available all day long for delivery orders! Browse from a range of tantalising food from selected restaurants on GrabFood now!

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Enjoy ordering, foodies!

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