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This Cafe In Penang Serves Really Good Fried Chicken With Green Curry

You need to try here! (Sam Thalia Serves Really Good Fried Chicken With Green Curry!)

Hands down, Sam Thalia Serves Really Good Fried Chicken With Green Curry! But, we will talk about that a little later. Today, we are bringing you Sam Thalia’s food review. The cafe serves Western cuisine and they are introducing a brand new Thai and Western fusion! If you ever wonder how does Fried Chicken With Green Curry taste like, then you have to keep scrolling, buddies!

Sam Thalia Serves Really Good Fried Chicken With Green Curry!

Fried Chicken With Green Curry

Okay, we are going to start with Fried Chicken With Green Curry! The chicken chop was deep fried into golden perfection. While it was still hot and sizzling, it was cut into two before placing it on top of some green salads, and chunks of fried potatoes. It was topped off with some green curry goodness. It was definitely a refreshing way to have chicken chop. If you are done with the common black pepper sauce, and mushroom sauce for your chicken sauce, this is the dish you will need to order to regain your love for chicken chop!

💰 RM 18.90

Fried Chicken With Tomyam Chezzy

It is the same with Fried Chicken With Green Curry, except for the sauce. If you are looking for something super creamy, then try out Fried Chicken With Tomyam Chezzy! If you are looking for something cheesy with a hint of sour, then try this one instead! It has always been a war between green curry, and tomyam. It is time to choose your side!

💰 RM 22.90

Siam Sasa Linguine

If you love your pasta, and you just can’t let go of your Assam Laksa, Sam Thalia has a good dish for you! Next on the list is Siam Sasa Linguine! Made with generous amount of Linguine. The broth was extremely thick as it was incorporated with chunks of fishes.  Siam Sasa Linguine was topped off with chunks of pineapples, strips of cucumbers, and kantan flower. This will be your go-to dish if you are looking for something on the lighter side. Unlike Laksa noodles, pasta is a little chewier and it gives the dish a really good texture.

💰 RM 16.90

Grilled Tilapia With Somtam

Alright, alright! Time for something super colourful! Grilled Tilapia With Somtam was groundbreaking. The perfectly pan-fried fish was placed on top of fresh salads, and chunks of fried potatoes. Topping it off with aromatic mango salad, making it super refreshing. The mango salad had a combination of mango strips, carrot strips, and even peanuts. Taking a bite of the fish and the mango salad feels super fresh, and healthy. The fish will melt in your mouth, and you will taste a little sour note from the mango salad.

💰 RM 19.90

Fusillini Tomyam Soup

How does seafood tomyam and Fusilli taste like together? We know the answer! Instead of common noodles Sam Thalia decided to put Fusilli instead! Fusilli is a type of short and twirly pasta. The tomyam soup was good with a generous amount of seafood such as prawns, fish slices, and squids. With Fusilli, it was very easy to eat! Forget the hassle of taking the noodles out on your fork and placing it on your spoon, you can just eat this straight!

💰 RM 18.90

Cocount Panana Cotta

The authentic Cocount Panana Cotta is a sweet ending that you’re looking for at the end of a good meal. The portioning is considerably small, so you don’t have to think twice before ordering. Coconut lovers will be delighted to know that it has a strong taste of coconut!

💰 RM 5.90

About The Space


Sam Thalia is absolutely spacious with light decorations of potted plants, and paintings. Walking in, you will notice and exposed brick walls. Look closely, there is an open window and that’s where food is coming out from! The bar is complete with a coffee maker, and a pastry case with interesting choices of cakes for your afternoon tea, or even after  a meal.

The cafe has huge windows two sides, making a great place for people watching whilst you eat. The comfortable cafe has a good choice of music that is lightly playing in the background. It will be a perfect place for you to bring a large group of friends, and family over. Unfortunately, there are not many parking spaces during daytime, so if you do want to visit, head there at night. Ample parking!

The Takeaway

Sam Thalia is a wonderful place to visit with your friends and family. If you are looking something new to tickle your taste buds, this is the place to visit! You really need to try their Fried Chicken With Green Curry, it was delicious for all of us!

📍 Google Map

⏰ Opens daily, 11:30 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.

💻 Facebook

📱 017 433 0410

🔖 Non-Halal

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