This Humble Roadside Stall In Penang Serves A Special Menu, Roti UFO

Have You Guys Heard Of This?

Hello there foodies! As we always proclaim, Penang is the ultimate street food haven right? Wherever we go, we will never be hungry. One particular food that makes the perfect supper is undoubtedly Burger Ramly. But this time around, let’s introduce you guys to a special hidden gem we discovered right here in Penang; Roti UFO. Make way for Roti Panggang, located at Batu Maung.

One Of A Kind Roti UFO At Batu Maung

Wait, what’s a Roti UFO? We bet none of you have ever heard of such a creation before, well probably until now. Okay, so Roti UFO is essentially named after the shape of the Roti which closely resembles an unidentified floating object (UFO).

My Roti Panggang Penang Roti UFO

But basically, it’s a burger with various fillings of your choice in between two buns and then it’s clamped with a UFO-shaped mold. And voila, that’s how you get a piece of next level Roti UFO.

My Roti Panggang Penang Roti UFO

My Roti Panggang used to operate from a food truck since 2016 and they are now running their business from their very own humble stall. If you reside nearby My Roti Panggang, then you’re definitely in some real luck because they are so irresistible!

My Roti Panggang Penang Roti UFO

Aside from it’s unique and one-of-a-kind preparation method, there are also various flavours that we can opt for such as Lamb, GCB, Egg+ Cheese as well as a classic favourite; Nutella.

My Roti Panggang Penang Roti UFO

Each Roti UFO is prepared by layering it with lettuce, cucumber and onion before dousing with chilli sauce, mayonnaise, and cheese sauce.

My Roti Panggang Penang Roti UFO
Photo: RotiUFOPenang

My Roti Panggang Penang Roti UFO

For the lamb and GCB patties, they will be dipped into the homemade black pepper sauce after grilling to perfection.

My Roti Panggang Penang Roti UFO

Up to 5 Roti UFO can be prepared at one go and each Roti UFO is constantly monitored to avoid them from being burnt. The result is a piece of Roti UFO with delicious fillings sandwiched in between crispy buns.

My Roti Panggang Penang Roti UFO

If you’re excited to try the unique Roti UFO, then head over to My Roti Panggang for a few of their irresistible burgers. Don’t forget to bring your friends and family along too!

Address: My Roti Panggang, Jalan Kekabu 3, Desa Jelita, 11960 Batu Maung, Penang.

Operating Hours: 6PM-11PM (Closes on Sundays)

Contact Number: 012-558 6031

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