This Local Eatery In Penang Sets Up A Food Bank To Help The Needy This CMCO

We often hear the saying, kindness goes a long way. Especially in trying times like these, it’s always nice when we can be nicer and kinder to one another. While there are many ways one can contribute to society, Restoran Minah has set up a Food Bank. The purpose is to help out those affected by CMCO.

Restoran Minah Penang Has A Food Bank To Help Those Affected

In case you didn’t know, Restoran Minah is an old-school Nasi Melayu eatery that sticks to age-old recipes since 1957. For the 3 generations handling Restoran Minah, sticking to old ways will never wear thin and is probably the main reason why it’s locals’ favourite makan spot.

Photo: Hazlinda Islakhuddin (Google Images)

Strategically situated in Gelugor, one can find delicious ‘lauk’ dishes such as Curry Fish Head, Kerabu, Petai as well as Ulam and homemade Sambal Belacan. If you’ve ever been there for a meal, you would already know that food there is top-notch.

Restoran Minah Penang
Photo: @ojamakan (Instagram)
Restoran Minah Penang
Photo: @ojamakan (Instagram)

Considering the recent implementation of CMCO, everyone is facing a struggle that’s known only to themselves. And Restoran Minah is extending a helping hand to those affected by setting up a Food Bank. One can take what one needs and similarly, one can also give what one can. The simple Food Bank has some simple food items like biscuits, water, dry ingredients and more.

Restoran Minah Penang
Photo: @MinahRestaurant (Facebook)
Restoran Minah Penang
Photo: @MinahRestaurant (Facebook)

Thank You For Your Kindness

So, spread the word about this kindness and who knows? You might just change someone’s life. Indeed, this is the kind of sincere aid we need. It might be menial but certainly, a tiny help often goes a long way. Thank you Restoran Minah.

Restoran Minah Penang
Photo: @abuwafa_syibli (Instagram)

Address: Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, Taman Tun Sardon, 11700 Gelugor, Pulau Pinang

Operating Hours: 10AM-10PM (Opens Daily)

Link: Facebook

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