Eateries In Penang Fined For RMCO Violations (Here Are The SOPs To Follow)

According To Majlis Keselamatan Negara (MKN)

Good morning foodies! Over the weekend, we’re sure you have seen videos or photos of eateries getting a ‘spot check’ circulating on Facebook. Also, in those videos, it was shown several RELA officers (probably about 8) entering the premise of an eatery. In line with such enforcement, we have listed the official SOPs that all eateries must follow to avoid getting a ticket. Keep reading if you’re intending to make fewer mistakes!

8 Business Premises In Penang Fined For Violating SOPs

Before we begin, here’s a friendly reminder: Malaysia is currently in the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO). While regulations are more relaxed, we should all still keep our guards up to avoid being a victim of this pandemic. In the RMCO period, dine-ins are allowed but it is compulsory for eateries to abide by the SOPs. Of course, this is to safeguard both restaurant employees as well as patrons.

Unfortunately, here in Penang, 8 business premises received fines for violating RMCO SOPs. So, as a safety precaution, we’ve once again listed out the SOPs for all eateries to abide by. They are:

1. Screening & Recording Temperatures

Eateries are to screen and record the temperatures for employees and patrons upon entering the premise.

2. Distance Between Tables

A strict distance of 2-meters must be adhered to between every table.

3. Clear Entrance & Exit Pathways

Eateries are to form a clear and separate entrance & exit paths.

4. Social Distancing

Patrons must practice a 1-meter social distancing between other patrons.

5. Hand-Sanitizer

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer must be provided at each eatery.

6. Disinfection & Sterilisation

Stalls must be cleaned and disinfected using detergent, according to the instructions by KKM.

7. Face Masks

Restaurant employees and patrons must wear face masks at all times.

8. Check-In Via App

Patrons are to check-in via the MySejahtera or PGCare applications.

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Let’s Do Our Part To Flatten The Curve

And, there you have it guys. The official SOPs that every eatery in Malaysia must abide by during operating hours. As we’re no longer in lockdown, the safety of our nation heavily depends on our individual discipline. A little goes a long way, guys, so follow the SOPs while dining out!

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  1. How to wear mask when you are eating or drinking? Wearing mask at all times sounds ridiculous, don’t you think? Also, when eating or drinking, we need to pause right?

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