Relau Agrotourism Park Penang Sells Durians From RM2 to RM5/kilo

What a steal!

Hot news! As the durian season is almost rolling to an end, it seems like people that have yet to taste the yummy king of fruits, durian still stand a chance to get their hands on very high-quality and good durians. Why did we say that? Thanks to Penang Agriculture Department, we’re in lucky enough to still buy some durians at ridiculously low prices! Continue reading to find out more.

Cloned durians at just RM5 per kilo and high-quality kampung durians at just RM2 per kilo.

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Here are the prices – fresh cloned durians at just RM5 per kilo and high-quality kampung durians at just RM2 per kilo. This the best deal you’ll stumble upon in your entire life. Perhaps, Penang’s best-kept secret is none other than buying durians straight from the Penang Agriculture Department at prices no commercial stall will give.

The island’s area agriculture officer Ahmad Razali Abdul Razak said that they have Ang Heh, Hor Lor, D15, D101, D10, D11, D24, 600, 808 and even the ones which are not yet officially listed as clones such as Kacang Hijau and Aiskrim. He assured that all their durians are sold by the department at a flat rate of just RM5 per kilo. In durian stalls, those durians are usually sold between RM20 and RM45 per kilo.

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The department has over 220 durians trees consisting of about 40 species. Those trees planted between 1986 and 1990 are for the sake of keeping a durian gene bank and also for research. And, they have since succeeded despite the scarcity of land in Penang.

Where can you get them?

The durians are sold from about 10am to noon at the department’s Relau Agrotourism Park. Now you know, so be quick before they’re all sold out. Sadly, the orchard has yet to have any Musang King or Black Thorn. But, let’s just make do with whatever is available.

Source: TheStar

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