This Over 50 Years Roadside Stall In Penang Serves Thick, Homemade Patty Burgers

Good day friends and family! Have you guys ever experienced this sudden, out-of-the-norm craving for Ramly burger in the middle of the day? But, as we all know, a majority of Ramly burgers are only available at night. So if you’re indeed looking for Ramly burgers to satiate your cravings, then we’ve just found one spot in Georgetown! It’s none other than Raja Burger Malaysia, located at Lebuh Union.

Raja Burger Malaysia Satiates Your Day-Time Burger Cravings

When we say Lebuh Union, or, nearby Beach Street, most of us will involuntarily think of the infamous Beach Street Pasembur, or Ali Nasi Lemak. Raja Burger Malaysia is located right beside the renowned Pasembur but unfortunately, the local spotlight hasn’t been shone on this humble stall. That’s until we paid them a visit and discovered that they actually serve rather unique burgers.

Raja Burger Penang
Photo: @PenangFoodie

Raja Burger Malaysia is now helmed by the second generation and has been around since 1969. This means that aside from being a humble stall, they’re also an expert in crafting delicious burgers. One of the key ingredients to making a yummy burger lies in its patty. And you’ll be delighted to know that the patties here are all home-made, which will be seasoned by various traditional spices mixed by the owner to enhance the taste of the patties.

Raja Burger Penang
Photo: @PenangFoodie

In addition to that, this stall also boasts a wide range of menu, serving Mama Cheese Burger, Kebabs and the signature; Royal Deluxe Burger. The Kababs and Royal Deluxe Burgers are unique because they both come with thick egg patties that are literally larger and thicker than the buns! With a unique process of mixing the minced meat with eggs and frying them on a patty mold, the end result is a thick, evenly egg-coated patty that’s also juicy at the same time.

Raja Burger Penang
Photo: @PenangFoodie


The Chicken Kabab has a mixture of sesame seeds, raisins and cashew nuts incorporated into the burger too! How cool is this combo? And trust us, we never knew it’s possible until we’ve actually tried it.

Raja Burger Penang
Photo: @PenangFoodie


We’ve seen burgers with patty buns but we need to ask: have you guys ever heard of bunless burger? Well, Raja Burger has this item here too whereby he serves it in a plate with just the elements of the burger. So, for those of us who are carb-conscious about the buns, we can now devour them without feeling guilty. Yay!

Raja Burger Penang
Photo: @PenangFoodie


One Of The Best Ramly Burger In Penang

Raja Burger Penang
Photo: @PenangFoodie

Let’s drop a fun fact about this stall before we go. Raja Burger has another stall operating in Gurney Drive Hawker Centre too! The main branch operates from 5PM-12AM so this means that we can all get a dose of Raja Burger be it day or night. Now that you have it, what are you waiting for? Drop by this burger stall and get your burger cravings satisfied! It’s foodie-approved!


Main- Gurney Drive Hawker Centre

Branch: Lebuh Union, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang (Opposite of Maybank)

Operating Hours:

Gurney Branch: 5 PM-12 AM | Closes on Tuesday

Lebuh Union: 11AM-8PM | Closes on Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday

Status: Muslim-owned

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