Celebrate X’mas With Polar Bear Appearances & Snow Shower At Queensbay Mall

Soon, we will be stepping into the last month of 2019. Yes, we are finally entering the most magical time of the year. Although online shopping has been trending this year, there’s no better way to buy Christmas gifts than visiting shopping malls in Penang. Decked with extraordinary decorations and activities, it is hard to keep ourselves away from Queensbay Mall. Are you ready to experience Winter Joy?

Penguins, seals, polar bears, and more!

The largest shopping mall on the island is known for over the top decorations during the festive season. This year, Queensbay Mall has outdone itself. With the theme of Winter Joy, the central atrium has been transformed into the South Pole. You will find all sorts of creatures including owls on branches, penguins on icebergs, seals, and reindeers. Pst, there is even a family of polar bears in an inflatable igloo!

Apart from filling your Instagram feed with all these cuddly animals, do not leave without taking a snap of the clock tower. The multi-level clock tower has a bell on the highest level, followed by a friendly Santa Claus. Next to the clock tower, you will see the largest Christmas tree in Queensbay Mall. Beautifully covered with ornaments and a sprinkle of snow, this is the best spot to take a family photo!

Fun-filled Christmas activities

Apart from Queensbay Mall’s captivating Christmas decorations, you will need to be here for some fun activities, too! Snow shower has been a tradition in the shopping mall. You will be happy to know that it is back again! Apart from experiencing snow shower, children will be excited to meet polar bear mascot, Santa Claus on stilts, and participating in Christmas craft workshops. Here is a list of the dates and times for every activity!

How are you going to celebrate Christmas?

As we are approaching December, it is time to start planning for Christmas! Will you be feasting scrumptious dinner buffets with your friends and family, or have a home-cooked meal? Above all, don’t forget to buy presents for your loved ones. There’s no better feeling than opening Christmas presents in the morning. Will you be heading to Queensbay Mall for presents? Let us know in the comments!

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