This Indian Food Stall in Penang Sells Affordable Meals & Feeds The Needy Daily

Since the pandemic, we’ve heard many good and bad news coming from all walks of life. Today, we’re sharing an inspiring story of how three cooks in Penang, all in their twenties are selling affordable Indian meals to customers, and feed the needy daily after work. Their selfless acts have touched so many lives of those in need.

Selfless Cooks Provide Free Meals to The Needy Daily After Work:

Photo: Tsen Ee Lin @ Free Malaysia Today (Website)

Nabindran Borah, 24, Sanjay Jayashankar, 28 and Duncan Nages Scully, 21 are the victims of the economic downturn. Previously, they were working at a restaurant called The Spice Kitchen. Due to the cut of payroll and manpower, the trio took a leap of faith and opened a food stall called Quarantine Home Food at Sungai Pinang Food Court.

Photo: Tsen Ee Lin @ Free Malaysia Today (Website)

Quarantine Home Food might just be selling Indian food but they’re no ordinary food stall. Apart from coming up with delicious dishes, they offer what might be the cheapest meals in Penang.

Photo: Tsen Ee Lin @ Free Malaysia Today (Website)

“Many aren’t able to afford full meals, let alone pay for additional delivery charges when ordering online. That’s why the price of our food is one of the cheapest in Penang. Delivery is even free for customers who live within a 10km radius,” said Sanjay.

Photo: Tsen Ee Lin @ Free Malaysia Today (Website)

Here, meals go from as low as RM4.50 for a generous portion and discount is capped at RM6. Despite their age, the trio does have some solid cooking skills.

Unlike many other food ventures, Quarantine Home Food never serve leftover foods. Instead, they will always cook extra and all the leftovers are packed neatly and every day after work, they would distribute them to the homeless and hungry.

Photo: Tsen Ee Lin @ Free Malaysia Today (Website)

However, before they embark on the journey to distribute the free meals, they will offer prayer, just like how they would when they begin their day.

“These prayers are performed as a sign of respect for the food, for our guests, the kitchen and all that we’re involved with,” Sanjay explains.

Show Quarantine Home Food Some Support:

Photo: Facebook

Foodies, these cooks sure have hearts of gold. If you wish to support these young chap, their stall, Quarantine Home Food is nestled in Sungai Pinang Food Court. Their operating hours are from 12-3:30 p.m. and 7-9:30 p.m. daily.  We’re so proud of their acts of charity. That being said, share this piece of news out to your friends. That’s all, take care and buh bye!

Source: Free Malaysia Today

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