PIKNIK Cafe Nagore Square Penang Review

PIKNIK Cafe is one of the pioneers in Penang’s cafe or brunch spot back in year 2011 before cafes mushrooming in Penang. PIK NIK hungry to prove themselves as the best lepak place in George Town that time and they still do until today, we believe. PIKNIK leaves us a very good impression during our visit, the cafe is patronized by hipsters, youngsters and college/university students. They play card, spy game, board game, chilling like a happy child in the cafe. We can literally felt the happiness and gleeful in the cafe!


PIKNIK Nagore Square Cafe Penang

PIKNIK is situated at 15 & 17 Jalan Nagore, 10050 George Town, Penang. The very first check point with you has to be their iconic green door, painted with blackboard chalk “Best Lepak Place In Penang”, FREE WIFI, good coffee and etc. It’s very welcoming, don’t you agree?


PIKNIK Nagore Square Cafe Penang

In a casual and somewhat retro setting, it’s with great comfort to enjoy great food and coffee without being restricted by the formal or rather busy atmosphere on the other side. The interior itself is photogenic, it’s very lovely and cozy. We do appreciate the efforts co-owners designed it.

PIKNIK Nagore Square Cafe

This cozy cafe is decked out in vintage kitsch such as cool portraits, wooden cabinets & chairs, and lots of pillows.


PIKNIK Nagore Square Cafe Penang Review

PIKNIK is dedicated to the simple pleasures of waffles (mainly), pasta and coffee. We ordered the Korean Chicken Burger, it tasted pretty good and the sauce was amazing. It’s kind of sweet and a little bit of spiciness, it has got the kick!. However, the cheese wasn’t convincing enough to my taste-buds, I can’t taste it literally. If you ask for recommendation, I’d say, put more onions ( Ok, I love onions, a lot!) Overall, this is still a satisfying fare, 7.5/10.

PIKNIK Nagore Square Cafe Penang Review


Sateh Chicken, RM14.90 comes with double waffles with grilled homemade satay chicken patty, cheese, vegetables, onion and drizzled with superb sauce. We were amazed by oh-my-goodness patty, it was juicy and tasty. You should really try it!

PIKNIK Nagore Square Cafe Penang Review

Hazelnut Latte costs only RM8, it’s cheaper compared to other cafes in Penang, agree? Note though, the coffee was great, hazelnut smells aromatic. But, the latte art looks silly to me, what do you guys think?


If you need a cozy place to chillax with your friends in the city, you’ll be in good company. As highlighted above, PIKNIK Cafe is the best lepak place in George Town, it does prove it! The coffee & waffle here served great and the price here is pretty affordable or rather cheaper as compared to other cafes. You should really pay a visit or re-visiting them! #GoodFriendsNeverBoJio

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