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PIFF’s Penang Seafood Galore Comes With 90 Stalls, Ikan Bakar Zone & Fireworks Display

There'll be 90 seafood stalls with all sorts of seafood varieties! 😍

Hey, Foodies! Most exciting and anticipated food event of the year 2019 is finally back and ongoing! For those who’ve never been to PIFF, here are what to expect from it – their major events including Street Food Festival (SFF), Taste of Penang (TOP) and Penang Seafood Galore (PSG). With minor events happening by the side that will be sure to give you an amazing experience. Let us brief you a little on what their Seafood Galore is all about. Every seafood you crave is made imaginable and possible through PIFF!

seafood galore penang

Penang International Food Festival: Seafood Galore

For your information, there’ll be 70 seafood stalls and 20 food trucks with all sorts of seafood varieties for this event!

Picture by: PIFF
Photo: @clifordshelton (Instagram)

What’s Going Down?

Ikan Bakar Zone

The very first stop that you definitely have to tick off your list is their Ikan Bakar Zone! Freshest seafood you can get your hands on, over a smoky charcoal fire is the simplest but yet the best way to enjoy your seafood. They use a myriad of sauces for the seafood that will be sure to give it an amazing taste while still keeping the succulent flesh intact. To finish off, they serve the fish with a saucer of spicy-sweet chilli, a mind-blowing combo together with the grilled seafood. I bet you can smell the delicious grilled seafood from miles away!

seafood galore piff
Photo: @sasmitaedo (Instagram)

Sneak Peak into the Line Ups for Ikan Bakar Zone

You can now try ikan bakar from all over Penang under one roof, talking about convenience! So, here’s a little sneak peek into the line ups PIFF has for you, your favourite ikan bakar place might be featured. Check it down below! Please be noted that we didn’t cover every store, we leave the rest to be discovered by you!

1) East Coast Grill Seafood 東海岸海鮮@ Red Garden Food Paradise

Photo: @yuen_hon (Instagram)

They’re famous not just for their grilled seafood items, but vegetables as well. But most importantly, their signature ikan bakar is something you definitely can’t miss out on! Served with their special sauce, it’s a match made in heaven! Your stomach will be blessed!

Photo: @kawagu1986 (Instagram)

2) Ah Chui Seafood

Photo: @bokchoyeats (Instagram)

Over at this place, the taste of the sauce is deeply marinated inside the fresh flesh of the fish. And that’s the reason why this place is such a popular choice amongst the locals and also the tourists!

3) Lan’s Corner Ikan Bakar

Image may contain: people sitting and food
Photo: Lan’s Corner Ikan Bakar (Instagram)

Fresh seafood, beautifully marinated and grilled to perfection – you’ll cry if you miss this! The flavour of the chilli paste is perfectly infused into the tender flesh of the fish that every bite that you take is a burst of flavours!

Professional Chef Cooking Competition

Outdoor Theater

Photo: @twilightflicks (Instagram)

Do you know what else you can do? Enjoy a lovely movie night with your friends and family members. Chill on the grass with a big screen up in front playing a good movie while you enjoy some snacks accompanied by the cool breeze. What else can be better than this?

Fireworks Display

Before you go, catch a glimpse of their amazing and vibrant fireworks display. Get your phones ready or just simply enjoy it with naked eyes, either way, it’s a perfect final touch to the night!

Update: The fireworks display time is scheduled on 28 April 2019, 9:30 pm.

Penang International Food Festival: Seafood Galore

seafood galore penang

Okay so basically we’ve already covered everything you should be doing while you’re over at Penang Seafood Galore. Don’t worry about missing out, just remember to have plenty of fun time there with your friends and also take lots of photos! We hope you enjoy yourself! Details of the Penang Seafood Galore are below!
Date: 27th and 28th of April 2019
Time: 5PM-11PM
Venue: Design Village

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