Vendors In Perak Are Joining Forces Creating Virtual Bazaar Ramadhan For Fasting Season


The fate of our annual bazaar Ramadhan has yet to be decided. But by the looks of it, hope is faint. Even though it seems like MCO is about to reach its end, our guts are speaking differently. One thing for sure, we will at least fast in quarantine for a while. And surely, long crowded bazaars are a big no-no. However, faint hope is glittering over people in Perak Tengah, Manjung and Batu Gajah.

online bazaar
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Virtual Bazaar Is The Solution

That’s right! If we can’t go to them, then let them come to us. According to Siti Nur Hanani Sulong, 37, she decided to take it to Facebook. Several Facebook pages were created so that traders can offer their menus on the platform. This is such a good idea that in merely 5 days, 150 vendors signed up to this platform. Among the pages that she had created are:

  • Bazar Ramadhan Bandar Universiti Seri Iskandar
  • Bazar Ramadhan SIDEC SIBC Seri Iskandar
  • Bazar Ramadhan Tronoh
  • Bazar Ramadhan Titi Gantung
  • Bazar Ramadhan Kampung Gajah
  • Bazar Ramadhan Batu Gajah
  • Bazar Ramadhan Manjung

Here’s How It Works

online bazaar
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The traders will post their menus into the group so that customers can browse and choose their meal. Customers will then message the vendors directly via WhatsApp to place their orders. Finally, runners will receive the task to pick up and deliver it to customers.

house delivery
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“These traders will also be added into a Whatsapp group that I’ve created to monitor order taking and delivery process so that customers do not have to fork out money on delivery charges that can be between RM2 and RM3, depending on the location.” Said Siti Nur Hanani. She continued that the online bazaar will definitely avoid crowds from congesting one area.

Fasting Season Is Incomplete Without Bazaars

bazaar ramadhan
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“I hope this online platform will help a lot of traders out there during these trying times,” she said. Siti Nur Hanani is hopeful that the state government will come out with the best decision and mechanism to help bazaar traders. “We know that fasting month is incomplete without Ramadan bazaars.” So this is definitely a method worth trying! Come on people, get creative!

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