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Penang’s Largest Capsule Machine at Megamall Pinang

Everyone Wins at Penang's Largest Capsule Machine

We’re no strangers to capsule machines. Yes, we grew up but our love for capsule machines remain unchanged. For many of us, our childhood was filled with experiences of convincing our parents why we really needed that shiny new toy car, Pokemon, or what-have-you that was safely encapsulated inside these machines. The thing we loved most about these machines was that we were sure to win something. Fortunately, we are now able to relive our childhood memories on a much grander scale at the largest capsule machine in Penang. That’s right, we’re all about to be winners, this time, however, the “toys” are much bigger.

Visit the Largest Capsule Machine in Megamall Pinang

The 20-feet tall (similar to a 2-storey building) capsule machine located at the concourse of Megamall Pinang in Seberang Perai is likely to be the largest you’ve ever seen. Containing up to 50,000 giant capsule balls everyone gets a piece of the RM500,000 worth of prizes. To play, simply change your cash to tokens which costs RM10 each, place your tokens into the machine, and collect your prize at the counter.

One lucky winner will walk away with the grand prize of a brand new Perodua Axia motor vehicle while others stand a chance to win Playstation 4 gaming consoles, Huawei P20 mobile phones, bicycles and many more. The capsule machine will only be available one month from May 20th onwards or until all capsules run out. So, be sure to visit Megamall Pinang soon if you want to relive those sweet childhood memories of yours. All the best everyone!

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