Penangites Won An Award In International Comic Competition For Featuring Local Myth And Landmarks

How are you doing friends? As we all know, Penangites will always talk fondly and passionately about the Pearl of the Orient no matter where they go. And this a fact. We are proud of our home island and we will celebrate those who appreciate it. So when these two local manga artists won the Excellence Award Runner-Up, after featuring local folklore and landmarks in their artworks, we couldn’t get any more proud.

Globally Recognised Manga Featuring Popular Landmarks In Penang

The award-winning manga entitled “The Playful Guardians” was created by a pair of talented brothers who are also known as YUKIRA.  The duo, Akira and Yuu, submitted their manga comics in the international Silent Manga Audition 14 (SMA14) last year and won the Excellence Award Runner-Up, out of 390 entries from 65 countries worldwide! Now that’s amazing.

“The Playful Guardians” highlights one of Penang’s cultural folktales and landmarks thus putting Penang once again in the eyes of the world. You can click this link to read the manga. The story begins with a local rumor, “Legend has it that the two guardian lions at the Goddess of Mercy Temple at Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling could come to life!” How exciting!

Take A Little Tour Around Penang With The Guardian Lions

Some other local landmarks that are featured in the manga are Masjid Kapitan Keling, “Little Children On A Bicycle” Mural, Penang Waterfall Hill Temple, and Kek Lok Si Temple. Said by the creators, since the theme for this round was “Creatures From Your Country”, they figured that it was a great chance to expose the beauty of Penang and its culture worldwide.

Fourth Time Winning SMA Award!

Said in an interview with Penang Foodie, apparently, this is not YUKIRA’s first time winning the SMA award! “Yeah, this is actually our 4th time winning SMA award” they said. Before, a few of their mangas such as “When Hope Blooms” and “Subway Duel” gained the Honorable Mentions Award and Excellence Award Runner-Up respectively.

“The awards mean a lot to us as we felt motivated while inching forward towards our dream. We also feel very thankful to be given the opportunity and receiving support from friends and families.”

Pursue Your Dreams

At the end of the interview, YUKIRA encourages fellow aspiring artists to pursue their dreams. “It’s okay to fail sometimes, it’s okay to start late, it’s okay to be not so perfect.” They insist that everyone should believe in themselves and stop comparing each others. “Keep going no matter what and never give up!”

Link(s): Facebook | SMAG

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