Penang Will Be Having Asian Food & Culture Festival In September Across 5 Shopping Malls

Penang Asian Food and Culture Festival 2019 will be happening on 13th September 2019 – 15th September 2019. Don’t miss out the chance to experience different food and culture in Asia. During the festival, different events will be happening at different locations. We will be listing the locations down below so you can enjoy the festivities with your friends and family.


Don’t Miss Out On This Fun Festival!

This festival will be highlighting food and cultures from 5 different countries and that includes Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, and China. These 5 events that are highlighting the countries will be happening simultaneously during the 3 days.

There will be a public opening ceremony that will be happening. Besides that, the event will be officiated by the Chief Minister of Penang, YAB Chow Kon Yeow and Penang State Exco for Tourism Development, Arts, Culture and Heritage (PETACH)YB Yeoh Soon Hin. The event will be happening on 10 September 2019 from 5:30 pm – 10 pm at Hin Bus Depot.

1. Japan @ Gurney Paragon


Have a taste of Japan if you’ve not been to the country through this festival. During this festival, you will be introduced to traditional and contemporary Japanese culture through a variety of cultural programs and workshops.

Experience Ichiran Ramen Concept Store


Of course, there will be a Ramen booth at this Japanese event. Moreover, this booth-based ramen-eating concept was actually inspired by schoolgirls being shy eating in public. Don’t miss out on this experience if you’re planning to have a taste of Japan.

Drink Japanese Tea


A Japanese experience won’t be completed without green tea so Royal Tea will be there to serve you their signature Royal Cheese tea series. You will be able to taste the unique Japanese Tea by Royal Tea. Additionally, there will be a huge variety of choice for you to pick from.

Origami Workshop


Are you a fan of origami or you’ve always wanted to learn this craft? Here’s your chance to learn this fun papercraft. There will be a workshop for you so you can learn it with your friends and family. It’s definitely one of the best ways to bond with them as well.

2. China @ Gurney Plaza


Learn about the rich cultures and traditions of China at this festival. You will be able to enjoy China’s famous Mala hotpot, White Rabbit ice cream, dumplings and more. Moreover, there will be a calligraphy workshop as well. So, if you’ve always wanted to learn the art of calligraphy then now is your chance to learn it.

Chinese Food Cooking Demo


If you’re hungry, don’t attend this demonstration until you’ve filled your stomach with some dumplings otherwise you will get ‘hangry’. During this demonstration, you will be able to see how Chinese food is cooked in the kitchen of an expert chef.

Eat Mooncake Pastry


Since this event is happening during the Mid-Autumn Mooncake Festival, why not enjoy some mooncake here. However, the mooncake here is not the mooncake that is commonly known to many. They’re called moon pastries as it’s made of puff pastries.

The Art of Paper-Cutting Workshop


Learn the craft of paper cutting at this festival. Although you only need scissors and papers, you’ll also need a lot of patience to come up with a motif. The motifs from paper-cutting usually symbolize fortune and happiness. So, drop by to make your own motifs and you can even make one for your friends and family.

3. Thailand @ 1st Avenue


Sawadikap, everyone! Drop by 1st Avenue to experience the rich culture and tradition of Thailand in Penang. You will be able to enjoy some crunchy creepy crawlies snacks, fiery tom yum and many more Thai cuisines.

Thai Food Cooking Demo


This is your chance to watch an expert chef in action. With this demonstration, you can watch how Thai food is made. Do keep in mind that this demonstration is going to make you hungrier if you’ve not had your meal yet.

Drink Thai Tea


Cool yourself down from this hot and humid weather with a cup of refreshing Thai Milk Tea. This creamy and sweet orange-colored drink will leave you wanting more.

Leather Handicraft-Making Workshop


Discover the traditional art of leather handcrafting at this festival. This is definitely a fun skill to learn and pick up with your friends and family. Moreover, you can bring back your own masterpiece as well!

4. South Korea @ Queensbay Mall



Try Marshmallow Chocolate Drink


This marshmallow chocolate drink is definitely #InstaWorthy because of how cute it looks. Nothing can be better than a cute cup of drink that tastes amazing at the same time. You definitely won’t be able to resist it when you see it.

Buy Ramen


Are you a fan of ramen? If yes then you should not miss the chance to visit this shop that sells all types of ramen you can dream of. It is literally every ramen fan’s dream shop. You won’t have to travel all the way to Korea to get the ramen you’ve always wanted because you’ll probably be able to find it in this shop.

Hanbok Origami Workshop


A Hanbok is a traditional Korean dress that is worn as a semi-formal or formal attire during traditional occasions. Why not learn how to make an origami version of it here at this festival? You can start creating your own collection of Hanbok origami once you’ve learned how to fold it.

5. Indonesia @ Sunway Carnival Mall


Indonesia is a country that is rich with culture and tradition so you can discover it here at Sunway Carnival Mall. Check out the pop-up ‘warungs’ (small restaurants) that will serve everything from modern food trends to classic favorites. Moreover, there will be family-friendly activities and workshops as well.

Try Indomie Doughnut


Most of us know that Indonesia is famous for its Indomie and we know how delicious it can be. If you’re a fan of both Indomie and doughnuts then you will definitely love this Indomie doughnut. A combination of two of the best food will leave you wanting more.

Try Passion Fruit Assam Drink


What’s better to cool down with than a glass of Passion Fruit Assam Drink in this heat. Royal Tea will be serving their fruit series during this festival. So if you’re feeling a little thirsty, drop by Royal Tea to get a refreshing drink from their fruit series.

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