Penang in TIME’s 10 Amazing Asian Vacations That Won’t Cost a Fortune

Only one winner was chosen per country.

Another recognition by TIME’s Money, Penang is one of the top 10 amazing Asian vacations that won’t cost you a fortune. This award has certainly made Penangite a little prouder, again…

Top 10 Amazing Asian Vacations That Won’t Cost You A Fortune

China’s Xi’An (1), Chiang Mai (2), Hoi An (3), Taipei (4), Siam Reap (5), Nepal’s Kathmandu (6), Bali (7), Chennai (8), Laos’s Luang Prabang (9), and Penang is #10 on the list.

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Penang’s diverse attractions

penang secret garden avatar

We have a lot of cool attraction in Penang. Penang Secret Avatar Garden, a new hot spot for Penangite recently.

Hotel room rates are down 10% year over year, averaging $80 a night, according to Hotels.com. And airfare has plummeted even further, dipping 16% year over year.

Check out good hotels rate at Trivago.

Penang Island’s diverse attractions—white sandy beaches, large resorts, quiet fishing villages, and a bustling urban center—are a steal right now.

must do list penang

Most tourists will find themselves in George Town, Malaysia’s second-largest city and a Unesco World Heritage Site with a jumbled mix of temples, mosques, and colonial buildings.

penang hawker food

Of course, food is something we always proud of. In the article, it says that Penang is also home to some of the best food in Southeast Asia. We couldn’t agree more.

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indigo restaurant penang

TIME also considered the number of restaurants and attractions each city offered, as well as experience factors like low crime rates, pleasant weather, and ease of access to public transportation. Only one winner was chosen per country.

On a side note, only one winner was chosen per country. Let’s share this good thing to all of your friends!

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