Penang Container Murals Chosen As World’s Best Street Art For January 2020

Wohoo Way To Go, Penang!


  • Penang street art wins 2 spots on a list of 8 for Best Of January 2020
  • They are part of Penang International Container Art Festival
  • These artworks only last until May 2020

Penang Lang, if there’s one thing we can tell tourists what to do on our island, other than to eat, then it’s definitely to go on street art hopping. Right? Even we as locals love the surprises that we find on the building walls when we’re casually driving past Georgetown. Don’t we? If you think otherwise, then we’re here to let you know that two street arts in Penang have been chosen as Best Of January 2020 on Street Art Cities. Wohoo! It’s time to see which two artworks they are.

Penang Chosen In The List For Best Street Art In January 2020

So, Street Art Cities is a community that shares murals around the world. Every month, an Instagram poll decides which artwork in all cities around the world is liked the most. In January, there was a total of 80 artwork nominated.

Photo: Medium (Official)

But out of 80 of them, only 8 was on the list. This is where you know we’re competing on an international level. We’re happy to say that 2 of Penang’s newly added artworks from Penang International Container Art Festival have been chosen for the Best In January 2020 on Street Art Cities!

Here’s The Artwork That’s In The List

1. Hope For The Future by Julia Volchkova

Photo: Medium (Official)
Photo: volchkovaart_ (Instagram)

2. Connection by Caryn Koh

Photo: Medium (Official)
Photo: Picaf Penang (Instagram)

Here’s a little more to keep you proud of our island. Out of the 8 international artworks, Penang is the only Asian country on the list! So if you haven’t yet explored the artsy side of Penang, then it’s not too late to start now. As Penang International Container Art Festival will only last until May 2020, don’t miss out on this chance to see artworks that are international standards.

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