Penang State Government Provides Aid Packages And Rental Exemptions To 5708 Hawkers Stalls


  • Penang state government provides financial aids and rental exemptions to 5708 hawker stalls.
  • The package is applicable to all wet markets and hawker centres in the island owned by the government.

Penang is a wonderful state that features one of the best foods in Malaysia. However, due the global pandemic, many hawker stalls and petty traders have been heavily affected. To help these businesses out, the Penang state government has released aid packages and 4 months of rental exemptions. Offering a lending hand to 5708 hawker stalls, this adds up to a whopping 1.46 million!

Penang State Government Provides A Lending Hand To 5708 Hawkers Stalls

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Penang food has always been something that we take pride in. Be it a neighbourhood hawker stall selling Char Koay Teow or the famous one at Siam Road, we just love them all. However, with the COVID-19 hitting us and MCO kicking in, many of these stalls had no choice but to close down temporarily. Struggling with rentals and low sales, the Penang government is lending a hand to these hawker stalls.

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In addition to cash aid, the government is adding a 4 months rental exemptions on hawkers. Assisting local hawkers to recover from the loss over the past few months, the Penang Relief Package is applicable to all wet markets and hawker centres owned by the government on the island. However, if the hawker has already paid for their April-July rental, their payment will be pushed forward until August.

5708 Hawkers And RM1.5 Million

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Providing a cash aid package and a temporary rental exemption, this is definitely a weight off the shoulders to many hawker owners. And if you’re curious about how much the government has helped out, here’s the spill. Offering financial support to a total of 5708 stalls on the island, we’re talking about RM1.46 million.

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