Penang Returns To Green Zone After Reporting 0 New Cases For The Past 14 Days

Hello foodie fam! As we welcome the start of a brand new month, how are you guys hustling through? If you need some good news, we have a piece up our sleeves that guarantee to make your day. Ready? Penang has reported 0 new cases for 14 days. Meaning, we’re once again reclaiming the title of a Green Zone state. Hooray!

Penang Is Now Back To A Green Zone State

A month ago, Penang reported its very first COVID-19 case. Subsequently, the following days, there were more cases reported. Of all the cases, most are from the Tawar Cluster. This then puts Penang into a Yellow Zone state. When this news broke out, we gotta admit that most of us are on guard and started being more cautious.

Photo: @drone_yachtie (Instagram)

All the hard work battling this pandemic in Penang has come to fruition as there were no new cases reported from 20th August until 2nd September. Just yesterday, Penang Chief Minister, Chow Kon Yeow even updated his official Facebook page with a celebratory post. In the post, he posted a photo of Komtar lighted up in green, as an indication that Penang is once again a Green Zone State.

Let’s Keep Penang Green!

However, the work isn’t quite done here and while we can afford to celebrate for a bit, we should still comply with the SOPs. Whenever you need to leave home, make sure you put on your masks, practise social distancing and keep yourselves hygienic. Let’s all work together and keep Penang green!

Penang Green Zone
Photo: @Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Pulau Pinang (Facebook)

Featured Image: @oowenong | @drone_yachtie(Instagram)

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