Penang Remains The Only Green Zone In Malaysia As Of 29th July But The Work Isn’t Done

Good day Penangites! Venturing into RMCO, everyone is now practising the new norm. Some of us are affected by the rising cases in Malaysia right now. As grey as things could be, we have something to brighten up your day. As of 29th July 2020, Penang remains the only green zone in Malaysia.

Penang Is The Only Green State In Malaysia As Of 29th July 2020

While this is definitely a silver lining and a piece of great news to Penangites, it doesn’t mean our work is done. As a friendly reminder of the new norm in Malaysia, several practices are mandatory. They are, wearing masks while you’re out (especially in crowded places), keeping a good sense of hygiene as well as practising social distancing.

To most of us, those are already habits that we’re putting into practise every time we leave home. According to MalaysiaKini’s Covid-19 website, Penang is the only state that remains as a green zone as of 29th July 2020. The statistics measure the active cases in the past 14 days and not the total active cases.

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Allow us to reiterate the fact that the work isn’t done here and we shouldn’t relax despite this good news. However, it’ll be okay to give ourselves a pat on the back for this joyful news.


As a united nation, we can all work and strive to make our respective states green, albeit with some hard work. So, together, let’s do our part and abide by the SOPs. Stay safe, Penangites!

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