Penang’s New Speedboat Has Arrived And Will Begin Operations Starting 1 Jan 2021

Hello Penangites! Although we are extremely devastated by the change of Penang’s Iconic Ferry, life must go on. As shared on social media by Penang Port, looks like our new speedboats have arrived at Sultan Abdul Halim Ferry Terminal. Let’s take a look.

New Penang Speedboat Has Arrived

penang new ferry
Photo: @penangportofficial (Facebook)

As we are all aware, the ferry service is shifted temporarily to tSweetenham Pier Cruise Terminal (SPCT). According to Penang Port, the terminal is equipped with various facilities and amenities. For the users’ convenience. Furthermore, the service will only focus on pedestrians. So for now, vehicles will have to use the currently available two bridges instead. Here’s a little sneak peek at how Penang’s newest public transportation will look like.

Photo: @penangportofficial (Facebook) penang new ferry

penang new ferry service
Photo: @penangportofficial (Facebook)

The Interim Phase Passage

Photo: @penangportofficial (Facebook) penang new ferry

The new speedboat will operate daily starting 1st January 2021. Furthermore, it will move between Sultan Abdul Halim Terminal (PSAH) and Sweetenham Pier Cruise Terminal (SPCT). For a one trip ride, adult passengers will have to pay RM1.20 while children and senior citizens will have to pay RM0.60. Hopefully, with the newest upgrade, Penangites are able to go about their business efficiently.

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  1. The new ferries have arrived from Langkawi? Will the ferries return to Langkawi once the economic situation in Langkawi improve after the pandemic? I hope this is not a temporary fix, not to fix Penang ferry problems but Langkawi deteorerating economic situation and tourism industry. If the authority could not offer a better solution, then just look at how Hong Kong runs their Ferry transport system which is also almost the same age as ours.

  2. Outdated Transportation due to connectivity have bus to ferry & back to bus or taxis . Should Skytran or other super urban transport system from point to point transportation across Penang bridge avoiding traffic jam & flood. Speedup traveling time with 24/7/365 with efficiency & privacy . Beside less crowding so less infection of disease like Covid-19 with chamber filled with Far UV lighting system besides as auto disinfectant system incorporated. Sayonara to old urban transport system. Plenty of investors funders available even World Bank funded the Lagos , Nigeria got funded .

  3. Most visitors to the island prefer to drive around the island. The jam after working hours to board the ferry also indicates that those employed here prefer to use their vehicles in the island. Unless more vehicles for hire and CAT buses are stationed at the point of disembarkment on the island side, the passengers only ferry may run below the profit margin.

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