Selfless Penang Lady Helps Delivery Rider Complete His Order During A Downpour

Hey there foodies. Given the current battle with the pandemic, most of us are minimizing outdoor activities. We only leave home when it’s necessary. As for our meals, we opt for takeaways or food delivery. So today, we’ll be doing an appreciation post for this lady who helped out ‘Abang’ rider to successfully deliver his orders

Netizen Helped Out A Food Delivery Rider Bracing Heavy Rain

According to a Facebook post by Kian Kee Teh, she stumbled upon this delivery rider around Tanjung Tokong area. The delivery rider from Hungry Food Delivery was seen selflessly checking on the food condition after finding out that the rope has torn.

Photo: @Kian Kee Teh (Facebook)

Upon seeing this, Kian Kee turned on the double signal and took an umbrella to shed the Abang rider from the rain. To their delight, the food condition was still in good condition. Then, Kian Kee kind-heartedly accompanied the rider to complete his order. She even intended to explain the whole situation to the customers.

Photo: @Kian Kee Teh (Facebook)
Photo: @Kian Kee Teh (Facebook)

Soon after, Kian Kee offered the rider a dry towel to dry himself up. When the customers came down to retrieve their orders, they were understanding and even asked questions of concern to the rider.

Photo: @Kian Kee Teh (Facebook)
Photo: @Kian Kee Teh (Facebook)

Once the order is successfully delivered, the delivery rider added that he still had to accept orders and continue delivering them. This entire story shows that kindness goes a long way. We should always lend a helping hand to those who need it, however menial it may be. Thank you, Kian Kee, your actions deserve a round of applause.

Kindness Goes A Long Way

So, the next time you order food delivery, show some kindness to the rider. Who knows? It may very well make their day.

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