Penang Is Ranked 4th In The World For Being One Of The Best Digital Nomad Spots


  • George Town is ranked 4th in the world as one of the best cities for digital nomads.
  • The research was conducted by STORAGECafe Market Research.
  • From the list, George Town was rated as “Great” for accommodation, food scene, co-working, among others.

There are many reasons Penangites are proud of their hometowns. Over the years, Penang has been receiving many recognitions from international platforms. We have gotten it all! Some of the previous recognitions include Must-Visit City by CNN, Best Cities in the World for Food by The Culture Trip, among many others. Well, we are about to add another one to our list!

Ranked As One Of The Best Cities For Digital Nomads

Photo: @yong_photoz (Instagram)

In recent research conducted by STORAGECafe, George Town (Penang) was listed as the 4th best spot for digital nomads. To examine, some of the categories include accommodation, co-working space, food scene, nightlife, healthcare, safety, among others. Unsurprisingly, George Town is “Great”, “Good”, and “Okay” for many of its categories – except for one.

Photo: STORAGECafe

Can you guess it? In the research, traffic safety did not live up to the standards. Many other notable cities were listed as well. Da Nang, Cancun, and Merida were on top of the list before Penang. Additionally, Oaxaca, Samara, Florianopolis, Medellin, Koh Phangan, and San Miguel de Allende were on the list too. It turns out that four of the cities in Mexico made it on the list.

Penang Is Perfect For Remote Working

Photo: @heartpatrick (Instagram)

It is exciting that George Town made it to the list. As the world continuously transforms, it feels great to know that Penang is a part of the transformation. Co-working spaces are popping up in the state. The food scene is continuously booming with local and international delights. No wonder it is a good spot for digital nomads! Do you think remote working will be a thing of the future? Let us know in the comments!

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