4 Changes To Look Forward To In Upcoming Penang International Airport Expansion

Hello friends! It’s us again! If you’re expecting some food-related news, we’re here to let you know we’re taking a detour today, again. But, if you’re a Penangite, then you gotta keep reading because our airport will begin expansion works next year! Though it may seem like next year is still far ahead, but in reality, it’s merely 3 months away.

Penang International Airport Expansion Will Begin In March 2020

Now, guys, this expansion project is huge. The estimated cost of this project is RM800million and there will be plenty of changes to our airport pretty soon! Are you guys ready to find out some of the mega changes that will take place soon? We’ve listed 4 key changes that you definitely need to find out:

Penang International Airport expansion

1. The passenger capacity will double from 6million to 12million passengers

2. Aircraft stands will increase from 13 to 21 and can cater to 4,500 passengers per hour.

3. Parking bays will increase from 850 spots to 1,300 (YAY to more parking!)

4. More check-in counters to avoid the crowd! From 61 counters to 78, and immigration counters will be increased from 12 counters each for arrival and departure to 28 each.

Penang International Airport expansion
Photo: @qinna91 (Instagram)

Additional expansion works aside from the 2020 project will also take place once it’s completed because  according to the CEO of Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB), Raja Azmi Nazuddin, “We want to be able to accommodate 16 million passengers a year”.

Photo: Sayuti Zainudin (MalayMail)

The March 2020 expansion will foresee a doubling of the passenger capacity but further expansion works will cater to 16 million passengers. This means that Penang International Airport will soon be bigger and better. “The good news is that the expansion work will not affect flights in and out of the island,” Nazuddin added. So, if you’re still looking to travel out of the island, this project will not affect you. 😎

With Penang International Airport gaining expansion, the tourist flow into Penang island will similarly increase. What do you guys think about this? Let us know in the comments section!

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